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Thank you for visiting my website. As a busy academic, I wanted to have one spot to host all the work I've been producing in my career.  Following in the example of many people I admire, I openly share what I can, but I please ask that you respect my copyright of these materials.

At present, my writing output is focused on finishing my PhD dissertation for defense in 2018.  As part of this work, I have started to plan out a Digital Scholarship expression of my research and this will be going up in the same year (think Digital Humanities, but for social sciences).

I have organized this website under the three pillars of being a member of the faculty:  Teaching, Scholarship (research and writing), and Service.

I have included my earlier writings, from when I was an academic librarian and the expectation for scholarship was different (heavy importance placed on trades publications, social media, and conferences).

While my research interests cover three rather unique focus areas, there are overlapping themes between all of them that reflect my passion for community development.