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Course Description from Course Outline:  This course is a 60-hour “bridge” intended for students who need to improve their writing and critical thinking skills before entering university-level English or other College programs. Students will practice writing for a variety of academic and practical purposes: grammar review, essays, research, critical reading, online postings, midterm, and final exam.

Evaluation ToolMark Value
Research Binder5%
5-Paragraph Essays (4 @ 5% each)20%
Calibrated Peer Reviews (5 @ 1% each)5%
Research Essay20%
Critical Reading Responses (5 @ 2% each)10%
Critical Thinking Quizzes (10 @ 1% each)10%
Midterm Test10%
Final Exam20%

Kennedy, X.J.  (2014).  The Bedford Guide for college writers with access code: With reader, research manual, and handbook, 10th Edition.  New York, NY:  Bedford St. Martin’s.
ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-3076-7  

Students will also need two (2) three-ring binders with tab dividers and other organizing devices.  The first binder will be used for the student to organize and use for submission his/her writing portfolio.  The second binder will be for the student to organize and use for submission his or her Research Binder.  

USB flash drive for use in the Computer Lab