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Quizzes are intended as an active learning opportunity for students to make meaning of previous lectures, assigned readings, and assigned activities from the textbook.

Quizzes are also an opportunity for students to practice answering questions for the Midterm Test and Final Exam.

Since the role of almost-daily, in-class quizzes is to give students nearly-instant feedback on their learning progress, I use ZipGrade.com on my iPad and as the multiple choice optical answer sheets.  https://www.zipgrade.com/

I am happy to note that adjusting optical answer sheets and quizzes to meet the learning needs of students with disabilities (e.g. sight, reading, or hand-eye-coordination disabilities) is a simple accommodation.

  • Quizzes take place at the start of the class and optical answer sheets will be used.
  • Questions are based on the relevant chapters in the textbook from previous lectures.
  • To help students prepare to get the most out of lectures, a detailed class schedule is provided.