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  • Total Time = 3 Hours
  • Note:  Usually at least one class lost to Orientation Day
  • The emphasis of this week is to introduce and orientate students to the academic goals and methods of English 090

  • Post a sign outside the door indicating that it is the right classroom for English 090
  • Delay starting the class for approximately ten minutes to allow for students trying to find the classroom

  • Review Assignment Information in Course Outline
  • Introduction to Rubrics

  • Introduction to how English Language is assessed and evaluated in English 090, emphasizing there are no longer Grammar Quizzes like in English 040 and 050

  • Introduction to English 090
  • Ch. 18 Writing Strategies:  A Case Study
  • Ch. 2 Reading Processes
  • Ch. 3 Critical Thinking Processes

  • Introduction to 5-Paragraph Research Essays (using Exemplars)

  • Textbook
  • Copies of Course Outline
  • Copies of an Exemplar 5-Paragraph Research Essay