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  • Total Time = 4.5 hours
  • The emphasis of this week is on giving and receiving feedback, and on incorporating library research into the first full 5-Paragraph Research Essay students write on their own.

  • Ten Minutes of Mindfulness
  • For classtime in the library with the teaching librarian, allow for 10 minutes for students to gather their things, walk to the library, and settle in the new location.

  • In the regular classroom
    Critical Thinking Quiz #3 on Library & Research Skills
  • By Friday at 4:00p.m. Reading Response #2 is DUE
    "Seeking" by Emily Yoffe pg. 572-574
  • By Friday at 4:00 p.m., each student needs to complete 2 Calibrated Peer Reviews of classmates' DRAFT Essay #2 for full marks (each CPR is worth 1% of the final grade).

  • Subject-Verb Agreement pg. 788
  • Pronoun Case pg. 721
  • Pronoun Reference pg. 795

  • Working with a Peer Editor pg. 462-464
  • Ch. 15 Writing Online
  • Ch. 22 Strategies for Developing Verbs pg. 773

  • Peer Response:  Comparing & Contrasting pg. 131
  • Library Workshop on the Information Search Process for Research (WISPR) http://bit.ly/1xkeo7p