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  • Total Time = 3 hours
  • Note:  At least one class day is lost to Orientation Day
  • The emphasis and goals of this week is to introduce and orientate students to the academic goals and methods of English 050

  • Post a sign outside the door indicating that it is the right classroom for English 050
  • Delay starting the class for approximately ten minutes to allow for students trying to find the classroom

  • Review Assignment Information in Course Outline
  • Introduction to the 5-Paragraph Rubric

  • Introduction to how English Language is assessed and evaluated in English 050, emphasizing there are usually two grammar quizzes per week and many questions in the Midterm and Final Exam on grammar.
  • Ch. 22 Subjects and Verbs
  • Ch. 23 Regular and Irregular Verbs

  • Introduction to English 050
  • Ch. 2 The Writing Process

  • Introduction to 5-Paragraph Research Essays (using Exemplars)

  • Textbook
  • Copies of Course Outline
  • Copies of an Exemplar 5-Paragraph Research Essay