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TOPIC: Managing Innovation and Change

  • Broad understanding of current managerial roles and functions
  • Recognize, define, and apply decision-making and planning models to business issues discussed in class
  • Practice communicating change in a class simulation
  • Awareness of key elements of successful meetings

  • Read Ch. 9

  • Focusing Activity
    Watch Innovation Engine (48 minutes)
    by Kanopy Streaming (2016)
    featuring Dr. Seelig, author of 16 books including inGenius: Unleashing the Creative Potential (2012)
    Capilano University Library link http://library.capilanou.ca/record=b1023414~S1

  • Lecture = Ch. 9 Managing Innovation and Change

  • Learning Consolidation & Check-inTime to work on Team Assignment, which is due next class.