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TOPIC = About the team project
Library Workshop
Attendance strongly encouraged

  • Explain why stakeholder expectations are increasingly important to organizations and their managers.
  • Evaluate responsiveness of corporations and their managers to issues of corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, and ethics, then make recommendations on improving performance.
  • Analyze corporate governance in Canadian and international businesses today and the changing power of stakeholders.

  • All the required computer technology for remote, synchronous classes

  • Form groups! Or, we can do it during class time and that's okay

  • Recall the viral Tik Tok challenge:
    "You say ... Okay, prove it."
    How is this like library research?

  • Systematic Literature Review is about justifying a new plan for organization. It could be to justify a new business model, a new product line, or new market segment. This is beyond market research, it's about understanding a very specific topic across both business and society.
  • Each group must produce a systematic literature review report of a minimum 25 peer-reviewed articles
    At least 8 articles must have a Canadian-focus or content
    At least 5 articles must be from the Directory of Open Access Journalshttps://doaj.org/ 
    At least 5 articles must be from the Financial Times list of Top 50 Journals https://libguides.mcmaster.ca/ft-top50 
    Please note that this libguide is from McMaster Univ Library and so these links won't work for you as a CapU student. 
    Ask the CapU Librarians for help! https://library.capilanou.ca/help/ask-a-librarian/
  • Three really good handouts in eLearn:
    1. HANDOUT Systematic Literature Review Presentation with example table
    2. HANDOUT Reviewing the Literature: A Short Guide for Research Students
    3. HANDOUT Sample selection in systematic literature reviews of management research.

  • Making a Work Plan is about making sure you've planned enough time to get the work done!
    Yet, this isn't a contract like one would typically do for a group project. You can choose to expel any group members before the Soft report is due. Thus, this is not about accountability. Instead, this is about gaining clarity between everyone on a team. Then, communicating to your supervisor and the client what your plans will be to accomplish the work in a timely fashion.
  • Eisenhower Matrix = Urgent vs Important
  • Scrum table =
    1. To do
    2. Doing
    3. Done
  • Notice the verbs used in the Learning Outcomes =

  • Taking Meeting Minutes = The secret skill that will make you a rockstar project manager!
  • This is about tracking and documenting work, along with communicating to your future selves what you discussed and decided in the past.
  • Great example that I've made for you available in eLearn: EXAMPLE Fake Meeting Minutes (.docx)

  • WATCH = Report Writing. (2016). Video Arts (Firm). [20 minutes]
    Available from the CapU Library
  • Summary: A good report can be read quickly, will be valuable for months, and can be distributed to everyone within the organization. Learn how to write an easy-to-read, informative and forward-thinking report in this episode of Classic John Cleese Business Videos.

  • Library workshop lead by the new business liaison librarian

  • CURATION READ = Janson, S. (2019). 20 Strategies for Creative Problem Solving : Visualize & Realize Ideas, Smart Creativity Techniques, Create Concepts, Be a Change Maker, Shape Innovation in Upheaval Successfully. Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®.

  • Team Research Assignment workplan = 5%