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TOPIC =  Decision Analysis
This class we will meet in Zoom because live video streams better through this platform
Attendance required

  • Explain why stakeholder expectations are increasingly important to organizations and their managers.
  • Evaluate responsiveness of corporations and their managers to issues of corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, and ethics, then make recommendations on improving performance.
  • Analyze corporate governance in Canadian and international businesses today and the changing power of stakeholders.

  • All the required computer technology for remote, synchronous classes

  • SOFT report for the Team Research Assignment

  • Survey for study on Well-Being Initiatives -- in collaboration with two other profs at CapU and about a dozen profs at UBC.

  • READING EXAMPLE = MacMillan, C. (2020). Sustainable Business Model Innovation: A Means to Societal and Economic Good for Canadian Businesses. International Management Review16(1), 32–41.
  • Firstly, always do a quick skim beyond the abstract.
  • For great advice online, see "Reading Strategies for Undergraduates" by Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega
  • Always use Active Reading strategies to quickly take notes and figure out how to get the best from everything you're working on. Then, it becomes easier to build your Systematic Literature Review Table.
    I especially encourage students to use a highlighting system that they keep track of and use regularly!
    We're now going to try doing this the digital way. For the in-person classes, I usually pass out collections of coloured high-lighters and we work through this together. So, let's try doing it digitally instead this time.

  • Health Break time!

  • New to Kaltura presentations? See the slide deck in eLearn from the Student Digital Ambassadors
  • My advice? Have a back-up loaded to YouTube just in case.
    If you put it as Unlisted (not Private), then you can also populate this recording to your e-portfolio page. Great for showing off potential employers!
  • Lots of sources out there on what makes up the key elements of a Pitch and I agree with all of them! Here's what I think works for a great structure for most people:
    1. Attention-getter
    2. Define the problem you're trying to solve
    3. Briefly describe your solution
    4. Address your target market's needs
    5. Briefly introduce your team members
    6. Highlight 3 key points -- aka Takeaways
    7. Clear concluding statement
  • Pitch Deck
    What is it?
    Why would you have it?
    Why would you make it after you've crafted an outline for your presentation?
  • Lots of great resources out there, like this magazine article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/alejandrocremades/2018/03/02/how-to-create-a-pitch-deck/?sh=493a6756c06d

  • WATCH = Report Writing. (2016). Video Arts (Firm). [20 minutes]

  • WATCH = Howard, D. (2014). Decision analysis : why don’t we naturally make good decisions? Kanopy Streaming. [49 minutes]

  • Team Pitch-like brief recorded presentation in Kaltura = 5%
  • Part 2: Team Research Assignment FINAL report = 10%
    1. Report
    2. Similarity Report from TurnItIn