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TOPIC: Employee Compensation and Classification

  • Compare the Canadian and US approaches to the functional areas of strategic Human Resources Management.
  • Research and assess current US and Canadian issues in strategic Human Resource Management.
  • Contrast and compare a variety of global approaches including sustainability to Human Resources Management
  • Demonstrate leadership in class discussion and small group assignments.

  • Lesson plan
  • Textbook
  • Unit 8 slide deck (PDF)
  • Slide deck on flashdrive
  • Handout Study Notes Worksheet #1 (see Moodle)
  • Handout Study Notes Worksheet #2 (see Moodle)
  • Handout Study Notes Worksheet #3 (see Moodle)
  • Large sticky note paper (optional)

  • Read Ch. 11
  • Read Ch. 12
  • Post in HR Stories #6
  • Review new Worksheets in Materials in Week 8 Folder

  • Focusing Activity
    New Employee Handbook Check-In Exercise
    This is a Think-Pair-Share Activity
    1. First, read the 2-sided worksheet
    2. Next, think about how you would answer the questions (it’s your sheet to keep!)
    3. Pair up with someone you don’t work with very much AND who isn’t in your group for Assignment #2 – New Employee Handbook
    4. Then, share your answers with each other
    5. Finally, in Moodle post once (Insights, questions, comments, etc.) on behalf of the two of you in “Forum to Discuss Assignment #2 in Week 8” 
  • Special Note for Today's Class
    Today’s learning goals
    - The best students know that teaching someone else always helps improve their own comprehension
    - Active learning leads to better long-term memory and retention than passive learning
    - There are lots of ways to create Study Notes
    - All three (3) worksheets from today’s class is in Moodle, see folder “Materials for Week 8 class

  • Lecture = Active Reading Before Class
    - 10 minute video presentation
    - Annotated textbook https://sac.indiana.edu/doc/video-exercises/episode11/textbook-samples-annotated.pdf
  • Activity: Entire Class Together -- Study Notes Worksheet #1
    1. Using the worksheets provided (1 copy/student), make an initial scan of Ch. 8 and individually complete as much as you can in the time available
    2. Next, we will return as a group to complete the sheet together
    3. Instructor will pose questions and if you have something to share, please do so! –Or, if you feel more comfortable, you can text it to me and I will read it out to the class
    4. If you’re really good at making Study Notes, speak up! J
  • Activity: In Study Groups - Using Study Notes Worksheet #2
    1. Split into groups of 3-5 students (your choice)
    2. Using the next worksheet provided (1 copy/group), work together to complete it as much as you can in the time for this exercise - Complete it in the order you prefer
    3. When finished, someone in the group needs to take a picture of your work and upload it to Moodle - Folder “Materials for Week 8 class”
  • Ch. 11 = Strategic Pay Plans
  • Ch. 12 = Pay-for-Performance and Financial Incentives

  • Learning Consolidation
    Activity = What are the concepts and cited empirical evidence from these two related chapters?
    1.Paying for work –Relatively modern concept, so what do we mean?
    2.Business Strategies influencing pay –Conditions, too
    3.Employee Pay – to incentivize workers (or not) –Definitions, Descriptions, and Pros & Cons of various Plans
    4.Classification 1.What is it and how would an HR Advisor do it?
    5.Modern pay strategies for Managers and Executives
    6.Pay equity

  • Materials uploaded to Week 8 folder