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In the interest of focusing on my most current research, I have limited this page to everything from 2009 onwards. For earlier scholarship, please see the Earlier Scholarship webpage.

2017                Prange, L. (2017, in press). Chapter 11: Studying with sensory processing disorder: Reframing disabilities as strengths. In McMaster, C., Murphy, C. & Rosenkrantz de Lasson, J. (Eds). Nordic PhD: Surviving and succeeding.  New York, NY: Peter Lang.

In press           Review of Veletsianos, G. (Ed.)  (2010).  Emerging technologies in distance education.  Edmonton, AB:  Athabasca University Press.  Journal of Learning for Development.

In press           Review of Southcott, C. (Ed.)  (2015).  Northern communities working together:  The social economy of Canada’s north.  Toronto, ON:  University of Toronto Press.  Northern Review.

In press           Review of Conteh, C., & Segsworth, B. (Eds.)  (2013).  Governance in northern Ontario: Economic development and policy making.  Toronto, ON:  University of Toronto Press.  Northern Review.

2017                Emergence of new sectors: Economic diversification and entrepreneurship in Yukon. Invited panel member for Progressive Economics Forum (PEF).  June 1-4.  Antigonish, NS:  Canadian Economics Association Conference.  St. Francis Xavier University.

2016                New sectors in remote regions: Borders, help or hindrance? Borders in the North Summer Institute, Borders in Globalization.  June 22. Whitehorse, YK.

2016                The emergence of memes in online discussions about Scandinavian economics.  June 1.  Calgary, AB:  Association for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies in Canada; Congress of the Humanities & Social Sciences. 2016                How marking information literacy assignments changed my approach to the teaching of information literacy.  April 22.  Burnaby, BC:  Information Literacy Non-Conference.

2014                Scholarly Communication and the Generation of Academic Capital, with Shawna Reibling, Wilfrid Laurier University, Kitchener-Waterloo, ON:  Interrogating Access:  Current and Future Directions for Scholarly Research and Communications in Canada.

2009                Morrison, H., Bede, G., Baer, R., Belvadi, M., Chou, M., Curtis, A., Dent, P., Dobson, J., Jones, F., Karpinnen, D., Manzer, C., McConchie, C., Plett, K., Prange, L., Stranack, K., Zalezsak, E-F.  (2009).  Connecting Readers with open access resources: The CUFTS Free! Open Access Collections Group.  In Rethinking electronic publishing: Innovation in communication paradigms and technologies – Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Electronic Publishing, 461-470.  ELPUB Milano, Italy.