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TOPIC: Introduction to the Course and to the interconnectedness of Business & Society

  • Integrate prior learning to evaluate issues related to ethics, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, sustainability, globalization and Indigenization as related to the role of business in society

  • Tools to access the course, both synchronously (live meetings) and asynchronously (course website)
  • Camera (may be part of computer, tablet, or smartphone)
  • Microphone

  • Me, on camera
  • Troubleshooting connectivity issues
  • Seek a volunteer from the group to monitor any students having connectivity issues, either needing admittance or questions in the chat, so I can focus on teaching.

  • Introduction to the Course and to the interconnectedness of Business & Society
  • Navigating eLearn site
  • Having problems?  Use the Community Forum
  • Course modifications for remote learning and alignment the other section
  • Course Assessments
  • The research-intensive nature of a capstone course, which is required for accreditation of the BBA degree.
  • First 4 Homework Items: 
    1. Formative Assessments
    2. Check you can access all the resources in eLearn (especially if you are outside Canada!)
    3. Familiarizing yourself with the research project focus of this capstone course
    4. Start to think about what research questions you may have

  • Closing Activity
    Drawing in Pear Deck how you imagine the research process

  • Review the course site, focusing on your ability to access all the resources and checking the schedule for any conflicts.
  • WATCH = William Eggers on Business and Government Teaming Up to Solve Society’s Problems. [10 minutes]. (2015). Reason Foundation. Available from the CapU Library

  • Monitor the Community Forum for any Help requests from fellow students and support as needed.
  • Three (3) Formative Assessments to total 10%