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Collections Management
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Course Goal:
The goal of this course is to provide students with the knowledge required to identify, evaluate, and select print, audio-visual, and electronic collection materials for on-site and remote access, as well as grasp recent developments in the ongoing conversation regarding collection management, libraries, and the role of the subject librarian.

Course Outline for Summer 2018 (PDF)

Johnson, Peggy.  (2018).  Fundamentals of Collection Development & Management, 4th edition.  Chicago, IL:  American Library Association.

Note:  3rd edition may be used and this edition is available online through UBC Library

Plus, additional readings made available through Canvas (Learning Management System) and individual weekly lesson plans.

  • Participation, both in-class and in the LMS = 10%
  • In-Class Assignment #1 - Plan for Innovative Thinking Staff Retreat = 10%
  • In-Class Assignment #2 - Community Consultation = 10%
  • Project #1 - Needs Assessment Plan = 10%
  • Project #2 - Special Formats Report = 10%
  • Project #3 - DRAFT Proposal for Collection Consultation Report = 10%
  • Project #3 - DRAFT Budget and Plan (Outline) for Collection Consultation Report = 10%
  • Project #3 - FINAL VERSION of Collection Consultation Report = 25%

  • (In development)