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Unit 6 - From Planning to Creating Policies for Collections

  • Analyze options and apply criteria to the acquisition, selection, de-selection, and maintenance of print, special format, and electronic collections
  • Illustrate marking principles and strategies for libraries as they pertain to collection development and promotion

  • Textbook
  • Slide deck for Unit 6 (PDF)
  • Printed copies of Rubric for Special Formats presentation --  in development 
    The rubric will be out of /50 with 10 marks for each of the following 5 areas: 
    1.  Acquisition Criteria 
    2.  Selection Criteria 
    3.  De-Selection Criteria 
    4.  Maintenance Criteria 
    5.  Professional Presentation & Communication

  • Working with homework groups, prepare less than 5 minute presentation on a Special Format of their chosing. Presenters should role-play as if giving the presentation in the workplace to stakeholders, funders, administrators, and community members.
  • Read Ch. 7 - Marketing, Liaison Activities, and Outreach
  • Linton, J. (2017). Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library collection development response to the TRC Calls to Action related to health. Winnipeg, MB: University of Manitoba, Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library.
  • Ferguson, S., Thornley, C., & Gibb, F. (2016).  Beyond code of ethics: How library and information professionals navigate ethical dilemmas in a complex and dynamic information environment.  International Journal of Information Management, 36:4, 543-556.
  • Anderson, J.S. (1996). Guide for written collection policy statements, 2nd edition. Chicago, IL: American Library Association.
    Z687 .A518 1996


  • Focusing Activity = Students give group presentations on Special Formats 
    - 5 minutes or less each 
    - Using MS PowerPoint 
    - Wearing professional attire- Each group member speaks equally unless with a prior arrangement or accommodation
    - Within 48 hours of the class, upload the .pptx to the LMS

  • Lecture = Policies in Information Organizations
  • Lecture = Developing Collections (including, so what are criteria anyway?)
  • Lecture = Communicating to colleagues, patrons, champions, and stakeholders

  • Learning Consolidation & Check-In 
    Activity:  Communication Strategies Brainstorming and Voting 
    - Question = For the students who are looking to raise their professional profile for potential employment, where do you think they should put their presentation from today? 
    1.  Form groups of 3-4 (not your homework group members) 
    2.  Brainstorm three potential places or communication strategies for where today's presentations could go (e.g. SlideShare, email, make a YouTube video, Vimeo, Facebook, given to workplace to share through social media, LinkedIn profile/portfolio, SnapChat, Instagram, convert to a meme) 
    3.  Once every group has three ideas, we will vote as a class. One vote per student!   
    This is a good time for debate and having a strong sense of humour!
    No one is required to follow the group's vote; however, it can be a useful exercise to see where people think is the best current venue and strategy for library communications!