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TOPIC: From Fiscal Management to Implementation

  • Evaluate the purpose and core elements of a collection development policy, and its role as both a guiding and constraining framework for collection management
  • Illustrate marketing principles and strategies for libraries as they pertain to collection development and promotion
  • Describe and analyze key issues relevant to collections management including discovery, access, preservation, and use
  • Appreciate the broader context in which collection management takes place, and how intellectual freedom challenges, the global economy, the nature of parent organizations, publishing trends, etc. impact collection practices and policies

  • Read Chapter 6: Managing Collections
  • Read Chapter 7: Marketing, Liaison Activities, and Outreach
  • Wilde, M. & Level, A. (2011) How to drink from a fire hose without drowning: Collection assessment in a numbers-driven environment. Collection Management, 36:4, 217-236, DOI: 10.1080/01462679.2011.604771
  • Demas, S. & Miller, M.E. (2012) Rethinking collection management plans: Shaping collective collections for the 21st century, Collection Management, 37:3-4, 168-187,
    DOI: 10.1080/01462679.2012.685415

  • Housekeeping

  • Lecture = Discovery, access, preservation, and use (aka Maintenance)
  • Lecture = Staffing
  • Lecture = Marketing

  • Learning Consolidation
    Activity: Quick Marketing Strategy
    1. Identify yourselves, define the collection, and set the marketing scenario.
    2. What do you see to be the marketing goals and objectives?
    3. Develop a strategy to accomplish your goals.  Remember that goals are the “what” and objectives are the “how.”
    4. Things to consider:
    –What is/are your target audience/s?
    –Message attributes: what is the message you will use in the promotional materials?
    –Timeline: Describe the time frame for the marketing strategy and what activities will take place during each of its stages.
    –Building blocks –what promotional materials (e.g., physical and virtual) will be used in the campaign?  At what stage in the timeline will they be introduced?
    –How will you measure and assess outcomes?