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TOPIC: Community Consultation for Collections

  • Augment an existing library collection based on user needs, the context of use, and identified gaps in the current collection (e.g. topical, format, etc.) and provide a budget and budget justification for these recommendations
  • Assess library collections using a variety of collection- and user-centred techniques
  • Analyze options and apply criteria to the acquisition, selection, de-selection, and maintenance of print, special format, and electronic collections

  • Lecture = Report Writing as part of Organizational Planning
    Note:  As part of the pedagogies Constructivism and Emergent Design, the lecture on Needs Assessment has been moved to Unit 4 to maximize student learning. 
    The due date for the Needs Assessment Plan will be adjusted as a result and in partnership with the class.
  • Lecture = Needs Assessment
  • Activity:  Role-Playing Community Consultation
    Role-Playing Activity package (.PDF)