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TOPIC: Accountability and Alignment Through Planning Collections

  • Evaluate the purpose and core elements of a collection development policy, and its role as both a guiding and constraining framework for collection management
  • Describe and analyze key issues relevant to collections management including discovery, access, preservation, and use
  • Assess the library collections using a variety of collection- and user-centred techniques

  • Read Ch. 4 - Developing Collections
  • Dulock, M., & Long, H. (2015). Digital collections are a sprint, not a marathon: Adapting Scrum project management techniques to library digital initiatives. Information Technology and Libraries34(4), 5-17.
  • Mack, D.C. (2015). The new collection development: Planning and assessment to promote innovation. Proceedings of the Charleston Library Conference.

  • Focusing Activity
    Examining Table 1 in the following article to discuss the differences between mind mapping, concept mapping, and argument mapping.
    Gargouri, C., & Naatus, M. K. (2017). An Experiment in Mind-Mapping and Argument-Mapping: Tools for Assessing Outcomes in the Business Curriculum. E-Journal Of Business Education And Scholarship Of Teaching, 11(2), 39-78.

  • Lecture = The Principles of Strategic Management (mission and vision statements, guiding principles, strategic directions)
  • Activity = Check-In on groups' progress for the cumulative Collections Consultation Report and Community Fair Presentation
  • Lecture = Frameworks and Models, including SWOT, PEST, Gantt, PMP, and etc.

  • Learning Consolidation 
    Activity: Annotated Bibliography 
    1.  Splitting into 5 groups: SWOT, PEST, Gantt, PMP, Checklists.
    2.  Using the Unit Discussion Board in the LMS, groups will collection resources to support people using the various frameworks and models.
    3.  Post at least 2 recommended resources and what people will get from using the resource in the Unit Discussion Board.

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