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TOPIC: Introduction to the Course and to Managing Change

  • Analyze and understand the forces for change
  • Demonstrate respect and value for the diverse viewpoints and experiences in the classroom population.

  • Tools to access the course, both synchronously (live meetings) and asynchronously (course website)
  • Camera (may be part of computer, tablet, or smartphone)
  • Microphone

  • Me, on camera
  • Troubleshooting connectivity issues
  • Seek a volunteer from the group to monitor any students having connectivity issues, either needing admittance or questions in the chat, so I can focus on teaching.

  • What's something you learned recently, and how did you learn it? 

    e.g. juggling, sewing your own mask, making pesto, location of a beautiful lake you had never seen before, etc.

  • Introduction to the Course and the specialized work of Change Managers
  • Navigating eLearn site
  • Having problems? Have questions you would've formerly emailed to your instructor?  Use the Community Forum
  • Course modifications for remote learning and alignment to the third section.
  • Course Assessments
  • The experiential-learning focus of this course as part of Cap Core
  • First 3 Homework Items: 
    1. First self reflective journal 
    2. Check you can access all the resources in eLearn (especially if you are outside Canada!) 
    3. Familiarizing yourself with the experiential learning nature of this course, especially the Interview assignment and the Consultation assignment

  • Chance Management Consultancy project and then working with IDEA students.
  • Covering the quiz worth 15% on Change Management Models
    Questioning Prompts have been provided
    The list of what will be covered has been provided

  • Watch = Change. (2016). [Video 11:10] Video Arts (Firm).
    Link to the library-licensed streaming video is in eLearn
  • READ = Buono, A. F., Jamieson, D., & Barnett, R. C. (2016). Consultation for organizational change revisited. Information Age Publishing, Inc.
    Available as an ebook in the CapU Library

  • Memo #1 for Learning Journal (worth 3%)
    Think of these five posts in Moodle as us discussing online everyone's attempt to make a change in one's lived experiences.
    This first week, the goal is to choose something you will work on changing and figure out your why.
    PROJECT = What will you work on changing?
    PURPOSE = What are the benefits to making this change?
    PARTICULARS = What may be some of the strategies you will use to make this change?
    PEOPLE = Who in your life can assist with you in making this change?Still not sure what to write about? 
    Check out the book "Who Moved My Cheese?" https://youtu.be/hlBD4vJsPzo
  • Declare in the Forum your choice for the Book Infographic assignment.  Remember, no duplicates! So, it's first come, first served.
  • Microcredentials -- started