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TOPIC: Corporate Social Responsibility & Responsible Business

  • Integrate prior learning to evaluate issues related to ethics, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, sustainability, globalization and Indigenization as related to the role of business in society
  • Assess the interdependence of corporations and society and the changing expectations and power of stakeholders
  • Formulate a topic of inquiry related to a societal problem and synthesize relevant research materials through a business perspective

  • Resources related to academic research and writing, including APA citation tools.

  • In eLearn, watch Video introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Reflecting on the assigned video, what are your thoughts on the interconnectedness between business and society?
    William Eggers on Business and Government Teaming Up to Solve Society’s Problems. [10 minutes]. (2015). Reason Foundation.
  • Examining your background on ethics, what do you think about the role Intent has in the choices we make?
    What about Purpose, what role does that in the choices we make?

  • Let's talk about CSR.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility. (2015). Video Education Australasia. [15 min]
  • "What is the purpose of corporate social responsibility?
    The purpose of corporate social responsibility is to give back to the community, take part in philanthropic causes, and provide positive social value. Businesses are increasingly turning to CSR to make a difference and build a positive brand around their company."
  • CSR in the BC Provincial Government hiring process
  • CSR in the BC Mining Industry
    Do these business practices reflect the way we want Canadian businesses to operate in the world? Roughly 80% of mining companies in the world are Canadian-based, which means they are supposed to regulated by our federal and provincial governments.
  • In the province of BC, businesses are leading the way in Canada in moving beyond CSR thanks to the Social Purpose Institute (https://socialpurpose.ca/).
  • Kahoot.it
    WORD CLOUD activity
    "What are some keywords that come to mind when thinking about Corporate Social Responsibility?"
  • Kahoot.it
    "What ways could Canadian organizations be more responsible to their surrounding communities?"

  • Time to get up and stretch, especially since this is an early morning class this semester.

  • Let's look at Bell Canada's CSR and compare it to what they're doing.
  • Purpose and Corporate responsibility
    Bell is committed to making a meaningful contribution toward creating a sustainable future. We believe we must manage issues relevant to our corporate responsibility strategically. By acting in this way, we make a meaningful contribution to create a sustainable future for Canadians and the world.https://www.bce.ca/responsibility/overview
  • Spratt, M. (January 24, 2020). “Bell Let’s Talk” campaign and the reality of Ontario’s jails. Canadian Lawyer magazine.
  • Aquino, G., Lee, A., & Dobson, L. (January 28, 2021).
    Bell, let’s talk about the prison industrial complex. Spring magazine.
  • Novak, P. (January 28, 2021). Bell blasted for taking $122M labour subsidy while boosting dividends. Savvy.  https://blogs.teksavvy.com/bell-blasted-for-cews-subsidy-dividends

  • Might be time for a new hot drink to keep powering through the last third of our class meeting.

  • Business Case Analysis assessment that's worth a total of 15%. 
    1. Microcredential = 1% 
    2. Status report = 4% 
    3. Business Case Analysis report = 10%
  • See eLearn for the assigned Case for this section for this semester.
  • Important to stress that the reader is not your instructor, but you are writing this as if you are role-playing within that organization and writing to your boss.
  • Remember, Employers hire people to solve problems.
  • See the Page on the FORMAT of Business Case Analyses
    I want to stress that you should see how one writes increasingly complex work the higher the level of the course.
  • Next, see the Page on the RUBRIC used for Business Case Analyses
    Again, I stress that the same rubric is used for many courses and there are increasingly higher levels of expectation of the work you will produce.
  • Use all the digital tools available to you, including Grammarly, Gunning Fox Index, Hemingwayapp, etc.
    Also, I encourage you to use the Phrasebank: https://www.phrasebank.manchester.ac.uk/
  • Notice how you are going up the ladder of success:
    1. You have watched a video to focus your thinking.
    2. Next, you will have outlined your paper in your preferred manner. Some people like to use the formal outline process in Word and some like to create a PowerPoint slide deck. I've used both, by the way!
    3. Then, you'll have written and submitted your final report.
  • If your mark is less than 80% (and there's still time in the semester, so watch those extensions!), you are encouraged to re-do and re-submit for re-marking.
    Always remember that I see my job as marking your learning.
  • There is also an important business approach to providing you opportunities for instructor feedback and chances to improve. See this Twitter thread that recently went up, which reflects my own teaching approach to business education.
    The one-and-done approach to traditional assessments won't set you up for success in the business world!

  • Reviewing upcoming work and answering student questions
  • Pear Deck closing activity asking students about their takeaways from today's class

  • READ = Olanipekun, A. O., Omotayo, T., & Saka, N. (2021). Review of the Use of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Tools. Sustainable Production and Consumption27, 425–435.

  • Complete your early low-stakes Assessments
  • Form groups for the Mid-term Assessment and choose a Stakeholder