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TOPIC: Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Clearly express opinions on corporate governance, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ethics within small and large groups.
  • Discuss global issues with regard to CSR.
  • Discuss the organizational elements of effective environmental management.
  • Analyze corporate governance in Canadian and international businesses today and the changing power of stakeholders.

  • Required computer hardware and software

  • If not yet finished, complete all the microcredentials.
  • In eLearn, watch Video introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Read the eLearn page:  Assignment Description for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • In the forum, announce your choice of a Canadian company to use for the CSR Company Profile assignment worth 5% that we're doing in class next week.

  • Reflecting on the assigned 17 minute video, what surprised you about the social responsibility of business as presented by Alex Edmans at the TEDx London Business School event?
    What examples can you think of from the news where CSR has been very important for a business or organization?

  • How are workshops different from a lecture-based class meeting?
    - It's a process-focused class, not a "content dumping" focused class.
    - It's about students individually working to exame a concept and then the student applying their learning to a documented assessment (aka assignment) for evaluation (aka marking).
    - It's where the students do what was traditionally homework during class time with the instructor available to help them along.
  • Let's first start with setting up the two computer files you need to do this work!
  • NOTE = This is an exemplar in appearance only, not for the content!

    Sample company profile for “Coastal: Quality designer homes.”
    Retrieved from https://hia.com.au/-/media/HIA-Website/Files/IndustryBusiness/ManagingBusiness/BusinessGuides/Company-Profile-Example.ashx?la=en&hash=C2C9A0D8A33AE9E06566824FFB945C325A96C23B
  • Solo Assignment and you'll be uploading 2 files:
    Company profile
    * MUST BE ON THEIR CSR policies and practice 2 pages (1 piece of paper, double sided)
    In a stylized design
    Encouraged to use templates from Microsoft, Canva.com, etc.
    NOTE = This is to only be about their Corporate Social Responsibilities policies and practices, not a promotional profile about the company

    References list
    APA 7th edition Calibri 11, double spaced
    Minimum 5 sources

  • Now that we have covered 1) what you will be handing in and 2) what CSR looks like in Canada (for better or worse), it's time to work on your assignment.
  • The rest of the class is unstructured time for you to work on this assignment.
    I'll be available in MS Teams to troubleshoot as you need.
    Please stay logged into MS Teams to ensure that you hear any directions that come out after I answer emerging student questions.
  • Once finished, submit the 2 PDF files for this assignment.
    In previous semester, almost all students were able to finish this assignment during the workshop; however, you can submit it at a later time. Work at the pace that best works for you!

  • We regroup together and debrief on the exercise.
  • Then, we wrap up by reviewing upcoming work and answering student questions

  • READ = Book Chapter -- Responsible Business Simulator

  • If not yet completed and submitted, finish the CSR Company Profile assignment (worth 5%).
  • Declare in the forum your group members for the upcoming experiential Mid-term
  • Review the two rubrics for the Midterm and take notes of any questions that you may have to inquire about in the next class meeting.
  • As a class, discuss in the Community Forum how you will co-create notes for the upcoming lecture-focused class meetings intended to prepare you for the Midterm.
    This is a leadership opportunity for some students!
    While for others, this is an opportunity to see different or new ways to take lecture notes.
    Remember, I don't mark on a curve and so you're not in competition with anyone for marks!
  • Continue work on your White Paper assignment!
  • Memo #1 (1%) Assignments Check-in
    Do I completely understand the tasks involved in the course assignments?
    Do I have the time to complete the assignments?
    If applicable, what do I need to change to has enough time to complete the assignments on time?
    Who can I ask for help if I need it? How will I contact them? When will I contact them?
    What skills do I possess that will help me do well on these assignments and the Midterm?
    What will I do to celebrate my accomplishments?