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TOPIC = Responsible Business

  • Discuss the interdependence of corporations and society.
  • Explain the ethical problems that business face and propose ways to improve ethical performance.
  • Explain the value of strategic philanthropy to organizations and communities.
  • Discuss global issues with regard to CSR.
  • Discuss the organizational elements of effective environmental management.
  • Identify and discuss social and ethical concerns arising from rapid technological changes.

  • Required computer hardware and software

  • READ = Book Chapter -- Responsible Business Simulator
  • Review the two rubrics for the Midterm and take notes of any questions that you may have to inquire about in the next class meeting.
  • As a class, discuss in the Community Forum how you will co-create notes for the upcoming lecture-focused class meetings intended to prepare you for the Midterm. 
    This is a leadership opportunity for some students! 
    While for others, this is an opportunity to see different or new ways to take lecture notes. 
    Remember, I don't mark on a curve and so you're not in competition with anyone for marks!
  • Continue work on your White Paper assignment!

  • Using the interactive board from Pear Deck, Stress Check
    Students go to: joinpd.com

  • Discuss the meanings of the following quotation:
    Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.
    Source: Dewey, J. (1916). Democracy and education: An introduction to the philosophy of education. WLC Books. p. 239.
  • Responsible Business (Prezi presentation) = https://prezi.com/view/3JRQZ3vtUxIbCvNlbO9E/
    (in draft)
  • Kahoot as an interactive re-cap and sparking of discussions

  • Writing in the style required for a White Paper
  • What do you want to convince your reader to agree to do (or change)?
    Your reader being some branch of the Canadian government system.
    What is your goal?
    What is your plan to reach that goal?
  • How will your idea help Canada reach one of the 17th SDGs?
  • What proof do you have that this is the right change to make?
    Library literature that you are citing?  Statistics?  Examples from other communities where the goal was successfully achieved after this change was made? Other data?

  • Using the interactive board from Pear Deck, Type or Draw 2 Things You Learned
    Students go to: joinpd.com

  • Finish and submit White Paper Assignment (worth 20%)