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TOPIC = From CSR to Good Governance

  • Assess the interdependence of corporations and society and the changing expectations and power of stakeholders 
  • Clearly and effectively communicate research, analysis, and findings
  • Integrate prior learning to evaluate issues related to ethics, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, sustainability, globalization and Indigenization as related to the role of business in society

  • Required computer hardware and software

  • READ = MacMillan, C. (2020). Sustainable Business Model Innovation: A Means to Societal and Economic Good for Canadian Businesses. International Management Review16(1), 32–41.

  • Stakeholders as a word is highly problematic. I use it, but only because I don't yet have a replacement.
    Why do you think so many people don't like the word "stakeholder"?
  • Sharfstein J. M. (2016). Banishing "Stakeholders". The Milbank quarterly94(3), 476–479. https://doi.org/10.1111/1468-0009.12208

  • Introduction
    This is a take-home mid-term assessment completed in groups of 3 students or less. You are to record a Pecha Kucha presentation persuading a particular stakeholder group to buy into a new initiative. Each group must choose a different stakeholder group while the initiative you are persuading people to join remains the same.
  • Potential stakeholders -- Your group can only choose one from the list and there may not be duplicates with any other groups.
  • Your job is to convince one of the stakeholders in CapU's business school that we should join PRME. 
  • PRME = https://www.unprme.org/
    Why and How to join PRME https://www.unprme.org/signatories
    Videos from PRME https://www.youtube.com/user/PRMEUN

  • Please get up, move around, and look away from your computer!

  • Before we go, let's do a quick Stress Check using PearDeck
    Go to joinpd.com and use the code provided

  • What is your To Do List to finish off this work?
    Top 2 priorities? Let's check in with Pear Deck and then make sure people have it in their calendar. I'll show you my Outlook calendar to see what I mean.

  • CONSULT = Weiss, J. W. (2014). Business ethics : a stakeholder and issues management approach, sixth edition. Berrett-Koehler Publishers. link
  • CONSULT = Roobeek, A. J. M., Swart, J. de, & Van der Plas, R. (2018). Responsible business : making strategic decisions to benefit people, the planet and profits. Kogan Page. Available as an e-book from the CapU Library
  • WATCH Stakeholder Reputation Research [Video 12:39] (2015). Seven Dimensions Films of Australia.

  • Mid-term Assessment on Stakeholders (10%)