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TOPIC = In-Class Experiential Midterm -- Responsible Business Simulator (20%)

  • Discuss the interdependence of corporations and society.
  • Discuss global issues with regard to CSR.
  • Discuss the organizational elements of effective environmental management.
  • Explain the value of strategic philanthropy to organizations and communities.
  • Identify and discuss social and ethical concerns arising from rapid technological changes.

  • All the required computer technology for remote, synchronous classes
  • Roobeek, A. J. M., Swart, J. de, & Van der Plas, R. (2018). Responsible business : making strategic decisions to benefit people, the planet and profits. Kogan Page. Available as an e-book from the CapU Library
  • Responsible Business Simulator website https://responsiblebusinesssimulator.pwc.nl

  • REMINDER of the description of this course to give context to the Experiential Midterm
    This course investigates the interdependence of business and society, particularly corporate social responsibility, business ethics, socially responsive management and managing in an ever-changing environment. The course is intended to increase the student's knowledge of the complex linkages between business and society. The course is also aimed at generating student awareness of the increasing scrutiny of business by society at large and what that means for business practices today.
  • RUBRIC = Adapted from American Association of Colleges and Universities for Ethical reasoning
    - Ethical Self-Awareness
    - Understanding Different Ethical Perspectives/Concepts
    - Ethical Issue Recognition
    - Application of Ethical Perspectives/Concepts
    - Evaluation of Different Ethical Perspectives/Concepts

  • New list

  • RE-READ all the materials provided on the Self & Society Group Project with our CityStudio client
  • WATCH = Stakeholder Reputation Research [Video 12:39] (2015). Seven Dimensions Films of Australia.

  • As an individual, complete 2 Microcredentials and upload the Completion Certificate (2 X 1%)
  • Complete declaring your group members and your chosen stakeholder group (see list provided by the client)