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TOPIC = Check-in with CityStudio Client
RECORDED for other section

  • Explain why stakeholder expectations are increasingly important to organizations and their managers.
  • Evaluate responsiveness of corporations and their managers to issues of corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, and ethics, then make recommendations on improving performance.
  • Analyze corporate governance in Canadian and international businesses today and the changing power of stakeholders.

  • All the required computer technology for remote, synchronous classes

  • READ = Milani F. (2019) Plan Stakeholder Engagement. In: Digital Business Analysis. Springer
  • Submitted the Soft Report for the Client
    This is a non-negotiable deadline! Our client needs a copy of your Soft report before they join us in class Oct. 28th to read and be ready to give feedback.

  • Welcome to our guests!
    Reminder about the three courses working with the RCMP.
    Re-introduction to Adele Therais, the Project Lead at CapU for CityStudio

  • Check-in With CityStudio Client

  • Source: Stark, G. (2011). If You Built It, You'll Have to Negotiate. In Marques, J., Dhiman, S. & Biberman, J. Stories to tell your students: Transforming toward organizational growth. Palgrave. pg. 89-91.
  • Reflection Points = "This story serves as a reminder that we don't have to accept the solution that are presented to us and that by thinking creatively we can come up with new and better solutions. Further, it reminds us that negotiation and good negotiators can be found in places you'd not normally think about."
  • One Open-Ended Question (#3 in the book) to reflect on the reading and its link to the CityStudio Client's needs.

  • WATCH = Report Writing. (2016). Video Arts (Firm). [20 minutes]
    Available from the CapU Library
  • Summary: A good report can be read quickly, will be valuable for months, and can be distributed to everyone within the organization. Learn how to write an easy-to-read, informative and forward-thinking report in this episode of Classic John Cleese Business Videos.

  • WATCH = Improving Governance. (2015). Video Education Australasia. [13 minutes]
  • WATCH = Howard, D. (2014). Decision analysis : why don’t we naturally make good decisions? Kanopy Streaming. [49 minutes]