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TOPIC = Writing It Up

  • Evaluate, synthesize, and interpret research findings as well supported quantitative and qualitative analysis and recommendations.
  • Clearly and effectively communicate research, analysis, and findings.

  • All the required computer technology for remote, synchronous classes

  • Emoji or gif that best describes your research and writing process

  • Qualitative Data Visualization: Presenting Non-Numeral Data
  • Shailoo Bedi, & Jenaya Webb. (2020). Visual research methods : An introduction for library and information studies. Facet Publishing. Available as an E-Book in the CapU Library

  • Student Research Symposium
  • Social Media accounts
  • Workshops!

  • The following activities are taken from the following book:
    Chavez, F.R. (2021). The anti-racist writing workshop: How to decolonize the creative classroom. Haymarket Books.
  • Questions from page 142: Critical Response Process
    Questions collected from an online form that is not anonymous on purpose.
    - Summarize your project in one or two sentences
    - What surprised you while crafting the project?
    - What aspects of the project pose the greatest challenge for you?
    - What successes can you see resulting from this project?
    - What is your vision for future drafts?
    - Enumerate three craft-based questions about your project to guide next week's workshop discussion. What do you need help sorting out?
  • Kahoot survey sharing writing strategies using questions from page 147.
    - What aspects of the writing process do you find most satisfying? Most challenging?
    - What time of day do you write, and why?
    - Where do you write, and why?
    - How do you prevent and manage distractions during your writing time?

  • PearDeck class closure
    Two takeaways from today's class?

  • SKIM READ = MacMillan, C. (2020). Sustainable Business Model Innovation: A Means to Societal and Economic Good for Canadian Businesses. International Management Review16(1), 32–41.

  • If you can complete it, your SOFT VERSION of Research Report (10%)