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TOPIC =  Decision Analysis
This class we will meet in Zoom because live video streams better through this platform
Attendance required

  • Explain why stakeholder expectations are increasingly important to organizations and their managers.
  • Evaluate responsiveness of corporations and their managers to issues of corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, and ethics, then make recommendations on improving performance.
  • Analyze corporate governance in Canadian and international businesses today and the changing power of stakeholders.

  • All the required computer technology for remote, synchronous classes

  • Part 2: Team Research Assignment FINAL report = 10%

  • New list

  • New list

  • WATCH = Howard, D. (2014). Decision analysis : why don’t we naturally make good decisions? Kanopy Streaming. [49 minutes]

  • Team Pitch-like brief recorded presentation in Kaltura = 5%
  • Part 2: Team Research Assignment FINAL report = 10%
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