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TOPIC = Business Case Study Analysis

  • Explain the ethical problems that business face and propose ways to improve ethical performance.
  • Discuss global issues with regard to CSR.
  • Identify and discuss social and ethical concerns arising from rapid technological changes.

  • All the required computer technology for remote, synchronous classes

  • Rest up
  • If you want to understand how this class will be structured, read =
    Phillips, F., & Schmidt, R. N. (2016). Accounting Students’ Planning, Writing, and Performance on a Time-Constrained Case Analysis: Effects of Self-Talk and Prior Achievement. Accounting Perspectives15(4), 311.

    Lawrence, K., (2020). Evaluating zoom’s success and missteps during COVID-19. In SAGE Business Cases. 2020. http://dx.doi.org.ezproxy.capilanou.ca/10.4135/9781529751888
  • Let's use Kahoot to work through the questions from the Business Case.
  • Next, we need to take our reading analysis and critical thinking to the next level, which is where we use the Case Analysis worksheet and then write up the report using the standard framework
  • Completing the Case Analysis Record worksheet
    Available online here: https://www.casemethodbooks.com/resources

  • VALUE = The report you submit would be one you would give a supervisor to help them prepare for an important meeting. Demonstrating your ability to analyze a problem, propose several solutions, and selecting one solution is extremely important for many jobs.
    Lawrence, K., (2020). Evaluating zoom’s success and missteps during COVID-19. In SAGE Business Cases. 2020. http://dx.doi.org.ezproxy.capilanou.ca/10.4135/9781529751888
  • RUBRIC (see the article)
    Passyn, K. A., & Billups, M. J. (2019). How to improve written case analysis and reduce grading time: The one-page, two-Case method. Journal of Marketing Education, 41(3), 215–229. https://doi.org/10.1177/0273475319826621
  • Structure of a Case Study Assignment
    1. Title page (does not contribute towards page count)
    - You absolutely must use APA style
    - Formatting is intentionally "boring" looking because these kinds of reports are not meant for marketing, but for documenting the decision-making process - In the professional world, these reports become legal records
    2. Problem Identification (aka the Introduction to the Reader)
    -This is where you introduce the reader to the problem and
    - Briefly summarize of how you understand the case and
    - One overarching piece of advice you will be emphasizing in the coming pages
    - All your advice, recommendations, emphases, etc. should fit within this main point that you're stressing to the leadership
    - Yes, you can use a catchy phrase here to catch and keep the reader's attention
    - Your reader is the Leadership at this place, not me
    - No more than one paragraph
    3. Answering Questions
    - Yes, answer all of the questions. 
    - Yes, you can and should  create *catchy* subtitles for each question, not repeat the questions.  e.g. Question #4 Solving all the problems
    - Remember, the reader is the Leadership at this place, not me
    - You want to have an awesome example in your Portfolio to take to work!
    - Stop thinking of this as a school assignment to earn the highest marks.
    - Use source material (i.e. the case provided) and
    - Library research
    - Preferably from peer-reviewed journal articles, books and encyclopedia about theories, and recent news articles from reputable publishers
    4. Conclusion 
    - Brief summary of what you recommended
    - Again, remember that the Reader is the Leadership at this place, not meIn one sentence, re-emphasize your main recommendation and all the smaller parts that form it as you covered in the previous pages
    - No more than 1 paragraph
    5. References (does not contribute towards page count) 
    - Must be in APA style
    - No less than 10 high-quality references to earn decent marks and make a good impression on the Reader (who is not me, but the Leadership)
    6. Appendix/ces (does not contribute towards page count)
    - You can and should include a few graphic organizers to organize and present information as per standard business practice:
    SWOT analysis
    Decision Tree
    Porter's 5 Forces
    3Cs Model (Customers/Competitors/Company)
    Mindmap (aka cluster diagram, aka bubble flowchart)
    Charts (e.g. organizational hierarchy)
    Project Management tools (e.g. Gantt chart, Scrum, Project Charter, etc.)
  • For every recommendation you make, provide at least one piece of supporting evidence
  • For every opinion you express, provide at least one piece of advice supporting your assertion

  • Review all course material and content, as needed.