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TOPIC: Continuing on the many models and frameworks for managing change

  • Analyze and understand the forces for change
  • Distinguish between different types and terminologies of organization change.
  • Appraise the effectiveness of change management efforts.

  • Computer and other tech tools as per usual

  • WATCH = Choice, T. [Video 36 min] (2018). Managing Change In Organizations. TV Choice.
    See eLearn for the link to the library-licensed streaming video
  • Memo #2 for Learning Journal

  • Reflecting on the assigned video by Choice (36 minutes), what are your thoughts on the ongoing change of the world?

  • Book Trailer -- in-class showings
  • Each video should be about 3 minutes long and uploaded to the Kaltura dropbox in eLearn

  • Interview someone who has experienced change in the workplace and report what they learned from this experience.
  • Reflect on what they learned and what it means for you learning in this course.
  • Who should it be?
    No, the subject cannot be yourself.
    Yes, you can interview the person can live anywhere in the world and can speak any language
  • Assignment requirements for Informational Interview paper (worth 10%)
    Minimum 5 pages total
    Does not include title page and References page, of course 
    Minimum 3 peer-reviewed sources 
    Technical Report format using APA

  • The paper itself -- Focused on a specific Change Management experience in the Workplace of someone you've interviewed
  • Page 1 -- Title page as per APA formatting (doesn't count in page total, sorry) 
    Fun fact, I like this style of formatting because then I don't see your name as I'm marking your paper in eLearn.  
    It's one of the ways I am working on to minimize any accidental internal biases or prejudices I could've inherited
  • Pages 2-5 (or 6 or 7) -- Content
    Yes, you can go over the page count if you have a good reason, but don't write less or it hurts your marks!!!
    Written in traditional paragraphs using APA formatting rules Your Thesis Statement is the final sentence in the first paragraph and it presents to the Reader the overarching Lesson your Interviewee learned through experiencing Change
    In each paragraph, focus on a specific Theme from that Lesson that emerged from your interview
    In each Theme, discuss and examine what your Interview experienced and learned from experiencing a Workplace Change 
    And then add in your own reflection on what this means!Yes, you can and should use First Person at least once in each paragraph Don't use more than one direct quotation (i.e. those things in quotation marks, not paraphrasing) from your Interviewee or your References per page, so about one per every second paragraph.
    Why?  Because it looks like you're padding your paper.  
    It's usually better to summarize and paraphrase what others have said or written. 
    Sorry, it's just one of those weird, hidden rules of academia.
  • Page 6 -- References
    Minimum 3 peer-reviewed sources (journal articles or academically published books)
    Use APA formatting rules! https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/general_format.html
    You use these sources to reinforce the message or give meaning to what your Interviewee has said
    Absolutely, you should use the many books featured in this class so far!
  • Page 7 -- Appendix 
    This is the list of questions you prepared in advance before conducting the interview
    Not sure what questions to ask?  
    See the 3 handouts in eLearn
  • The Similarity Report from TurnItIn 
    The Similarity Report looks like this:  https://www.brad.ac.uk/elearning/Plagiarism/Student-Guide-to-TurnitinUK/images/pic027.png 
    See eLearn for the login information
    The goal is to have at least 85% originality
    This is to coach you to avoid accidental plagiarizing

  • Catch up on any missed videos or readings

  • Informational Interview (10%) assignment
    See above for description and assignment requirements