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TOPIC = In-Class Experiential Learning: Using Three Tools from the Tamarack Institute
Attendance required to earn the 5%

Navigating disruption and change is challenging. During times of chaos and dramatic change, we find it difficult to envision the future and potential paths forward. In this webinar, Liz Weaver and Sylvia Cheuy share three approaches and tools that they often use to help communities and changemakers navigate change. These practical tools will provide you with insights about where you are currently and strategies to support your transition to a new horizon

  • Analyze and understand the forces for change
  • Demonstrate and apply change management models and concepts.
  • Demonstrate how to integrate specialist business skills into an overall organizational change program.
  • Demonstrate respect and value for the diverse viewpoints and experiences in the classroom population.
  • Identify the ethnocentric values contained in the Canadian approach to Change Management.
  • Identify the nature and significance of various impediments to organizational change (e.g. organization inertia, resistance to change).
  • Contrast a variety of global approaches to Change Management.

  • Computer and other tech tools as per usual

  • Check which of the four groups you have been randomly assigned to; then, read the Assigned Reading for that group.
  • Watch required webinar and complete the one assigned reading for your individual group (not all four readings for the entire class).

  • Before we begin, any questions?

  • Step #1
    Watch the recorded webinar on YouTube (58 minutes long) Check to see which of the 4 groups you've been randomly assigned to.
    Read the Assigned reading for your group
    Post to the discussion your reflectionsStep #1
    Participate in your group discussions using the guiding questions. Take notes of what others say and what you have said. Please note that to be fully active in this group session, you must have completed your homework of watching the video and reading the assigned readings. Guiding Questions are available in eLearn.

    Guiding Questions = Phase One 
    Starting off well

    Guiding Questions = Phase Two Starting to Conceptualize the group project assignment using Assigned Reading
    1. Work through the group project assignment on the CSB Blueprint using your Assigned Reading for this workshop
    2.The guiding questions might help you imagine what new could be done to improve the remote learning and teaching experience in CapU.

    Guiding Questions -- Phase Three Reflection and Closure
  • Step #2
    Post your notes from the group discussion. The settings for this forum requires the button to say "Ad a new Question," but ignore that because you are posting your Notes.
    This forum is set-up using the Q&A settings to ensure that you can't see your classmates' posts until you have posted your own post. That's why it says "Add a new Question" instead of "Post Discussion." It's a setting in eLearn I can't modify.
    Also, remember that you are posting a post (i.e. copying and pasting into the box) for others to read, not an attaching document. This is important for full participation for everyone and a requirement for marking.Step #3 
    Finally, comment on at least one post by a classmate who was in a different group from you. You must find a post that does not already have a post by a classmate to earn the marks. However, if there is a discussion happening you want to participate in, you are free to do so. Again, remember to post by filling out the box, not attaching a file.Are you new to taking notes in class discussion or meeting notes?
    Consult the following e-book available from the CapU Library
    Simone Janson. (2019). Meetings That Gets Results - Plan & Moderate : Hold Visual Meetings with Creativity & Focus, Conduct Discussions & Conferences Effectively & Efficiently, Successfully Write Minutes. Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®.

  • Return to main classroom in MS Teams for debriefing and housekeeping.

  • Curating read = The three assigned articles for the Informational Interview assignment
    Available in the relevant section below in eLearn

  • Finish the 5 microcredentials
  • Finish the Forum posts as per the Tamarack Workshop