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TOPIC = Change Management Models from Computer Science

  • Identify the nature and significance of various impediments to organizational change (e.g. organization inertia, resistance to change)
  • Explain organizational change processes from multiple role perspectives.
  • Appraise the effectiveness of change management efforts.
  • Demonstrate how to integrate specialist business skills into an overall organizational change program.
  • Identify the ethnocentric values contained in the Canadian approach to Change Management.

  • Required computer hardware and software

  • Two example Infographics from Laurie
  • Calls to action?

  • Dhiman, S. (2012). Hitting the bull's eye every time, all the time! In Marques, J., Dhiman, S., & Biberman, J. Eds. Teaching leadership and organizational behavior through humor: Laughter as the best teacher. Palgrave. pg. 149-150.
  • Questions 
    1. In your opinion, what is the underlying message of the story? Why? 
    2. Give a brief example explaining the application of this story to the concepts covered so far in this course.

  • Six Change Management Models from Computer Science
    1. ITIL V4
    2. ISO/IEC 20,000
    3. Business Process Framework aka eTOM
    4. Microsoft Operations Framework aka MOF
    5. Knowledge Centered Service aka KCS
    6. COBIT 5

  • Reward Structures for Those Working on Change 
    Source: Pio, E. (2011).  Kiwi Kiwi. In Marques, J., Dhiman, S. & Biberman, J. Stories to tell your students: Transforming toward organizational growth. Palgrave. pg. 125-126.
  • Discussion & Reflection = How do organizations reward people who volunteer for difficult tasks?  
    Three Open-Ended Questions from the book  
    1. What gives us the courage to volunteer for difficult tasks?  
    2. How do we assess the cost-benefit of volunteer work?   
    3. How do organizations reward people who volunteer for difficult tasks?

  • SKIM READ = Beegel, J. (2014). Infographics for dummies. For Dummies.Available as an eBook from the CapU Library
  • SKIM READ = Rick Wormeli, & Dedra Stafford. (2019). Summarization in Any Subject : 60 Innovative, Tech-Infused Strategies for Deeper Student Learning: Vol. 2nd edition. ASCD. Available as an eBook from the CapU Library

  • Book Infographic = 10%
  • Posted to the Forum to announce the order of Book Infographic presentations on March 17th