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TOPIC = Library workshop and Motivation Theory

  • Identify the nature and significance of various impediments to organizational change (e.g. organization inertia, resistance to change)
  • Explain organizational change processes from multiple role perspectives.
  • Appraise the effectiveness of change management efforts.
  • Demonstrate how to integrate specialist business skills into an overall organizational change program.
  • Identify the ethnocentric values contained in the Canadian approach to Change Management.

  • Required computer hardware and software

  • WATCH = Motivational Theory. (2017). Video Education America (VEA). [19 minutes]

  • Library Workshop on Citation Chaining

  • FAIRY TALE = The Kindly Crone, or How to Get the Best out of People
  • Kets de Vries, M.F.R. (). Telling fairy tales in the boardroom: How to make sure your organization lives happily ever after. Palgrave. pg. 62-79
  • Post-story reflection The Motivation Test pg. 79-80.
    Go to Kahoot.it 
    True = Yes
    False = No

  • Kessler, E.H. (2010). Chapter Six: Motivating and inspiring others. Management theory in action: Real-world lessons for walking the talk. Palgrave. pg. 115-135

  • What motivates you to get your homework done?
    Draw it using Pear Deck
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  • Memo #4 for Learning Journal (3%) -- Annotated Library Article
    - What big thoughts have you had so far during this self-changing process?
    - Identify and summarize a book, article, news item, Web site, or contemporary film with similar themes, ideas, or thoughts to what you have been writing about.
    - Make and describe a plan for the next month or so.
  • Group Project -- Library Research Annotated Article (1%) (completed solo)
    Find a peer-reviewed journal article related to this project and write an annotated bibliography entry for it.