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TOPIC = The 5 approaches to managing change

  • Identify the nature and significance of various impediments to organizational change (e.g. organization inertia, resistance to change).
  • Explain organizational change processes from multiple role perspectives.
  • Appraise the effectiveness of change management efforts.
  • Demonstrate how to integrate specialist business skills into an overall organizational change program.
  • Demonstrate respect and value for the diverse viewpoints and experiences in the classroom population.
  • Identify the ethnocentric values contained in the Canadian approach to Change Management.

  • Required computer hardware and software

  • Complete and submit Book Infographic assessment = 10%
  • Posted to the Forum to announce the order of Book Infographic presentations on March 17th

  • asdf

  • Each student presents their Book Infographic assignment
    Maximum 2-3 minutes
    1. Brief description of what's covered in the infographic
    2. Ways that the student found the book useful and interesting
    3. How the book fits within the course's learning goals

  • Five approaches to Managing Change
    1. Restructure 
    2. Merger or Acquisition 
    3. Change the culture
    4. Change the product/service 
    5. Make no change
  • Prezi presentation 
  • Post-Prezi presentation check-in with Pear Deck to double-check everyone is following along well.
  • Are you following along okay with the (short) lecture?
    Drag your dot to how you're feeling
    Go to joinpd.com

  • New list

  • asdf

  • Review resources from today, as needed

  • FINAL report for Change Management Consultation = 10%
    The last possible submission is right before class starts on the 24th!