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TOPIC = Writing workshop for soft version of report

  • Appraise the effectiveness of change management efforts.
  • Demonstrate how to integrate specialist business skills into an overall organizational change program.
  • Demonstrate leadership in class discussion and small group assignments.
  • Demonstrat effective teamwork in class and small group assignments.
  • Apply effective conflict resolution skills in small group assignments.
  • Identify the ethnocentric values contained in the Canadian approach to Change Management.

  • Required computer hardware and software

  • Soft version of final report due *before* the class meeting to ensure adequate feedback from the Client

  • Today's focusing activity will be at Pear Deck.
    "What do you wonder about today's topic?" 
    Today's topic is decolonization and Indigenization, and the role privilege plays in change management efforts.
    Go to joinpd.com

  • One effective strategy is to switch to employee engagement and away from employee management.
    John Smythe. (2013). The Velvet Revolution at Work : The Rise of Employee Engagement, the Fall of Command and Control. Routledge. Chapter 2 -- Defining Employee Engagement
    Chapter 7 -- Designing and Running Engagement Interventions That Deliver Fast Commercial and Cultural Results
  • Strategic choices for a leader striving for innovation are very different from the strategic choices traditionally taught for strategic management.
    This difference comes from two very different visions and research underpinning.
    There are strategies, key words, and concepts that you can and should incorporate into your change leadership and management practice.
    Hill, L. A. (2014). Leadership for innovation. Kanopy Streaming. [54 minutes] https://capilanou.kanopy.com/video/leadership-innovation

  • Forum posting #3= Activity: It helps to check the competitors 
    1. Inspect the list of business schools below and declare your choice. First come, first served.
    2. Search online for information about your chosen business school to learn what they are doing to deliver their classes remotely.
    a) Examine the website of the university and business school
    b) Review any relevant news articles
    c) Consult any student-run discussion sites (that includes various social media platforms)
    3. Write and post a memo for your classmates, reporting to them what this school is doing well that you think CSB should incorporate into the Blueprint
    a) Since online records can disappear over time, attach screenshots for your sources of information
    b) These screenshots are in addition to providing references in APA 7th edition style, which includes URLs

  • Forum posting #3= Activity: It helps to check the competitors 
    See directions above
    Business Schools Sauder (UBC)
    Beedie (SFU)
    Gustavson (UVic)
    Goodman (Brock)
    Sprott (Carleton)
    Molson (Concordia)
    Dalhousie Faculty of Management
    Lakehead Faculty of Business Administration
    DeGroote (McMaster)
    Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty of Business Administration
    Smith (Queen's)
    Rogers (Ryerson)
    Sobey (Saint Mary's)
    University of Alberta School of Business
    Haskayne (Calgary)
    Dhillon (Lethbridge)
    Asper (Manitoba)
    Telfer (Ottawa)
    Edwards (Saskatchewan)
    Rotman (Toronto)
    Odette (Windsor)
    Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business and Economics
    Douglas College
    Kwantlen Polytechnic 
    Okanagan College 
    Vancouver Island University
    University Canada West
    Langara College
    Selkirk College
    University of Fredericton
    Assiniboine Community College 
    Bow Valley College
    College of New Caledonia
    College of the North Atlantic
    Seneca College of Applied Art & Technologies
    Algonquin College