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TOPIC = Change Management Model Quiz
Attendance required

  • Distinguish between different types and terminologies of organization change.
  • Identify the nature and significance of various impediments to organizational change (e.g. organization inertia, resistance to change).

  • Required computer hardware and software
  • Ensure that javascript is working in your browser

  • Recap of instructions

  • Questioning Prompts = Not the exact wording of the questions, but the formulae
    What do you think could account for...?
    Is it always true, sometimes true, or never true that...?
    How effective is...? What is your reasoning?
    Does this strategy always work? How do you know?
    Verify reasonableness of results
    Which is the most appropriate procedure to...?
    Judge the value of ..., using the criteria of your choice
    Describe how you would calculate the ROI of...
    Generate possible solutions...
    What would happen if...?
    What effect will ... have on...?
    Can you explain what must have happened when...?
    What other information is needed for you to answer the question...?
    What evidence can you find that...?
    Explain a phenomena in terms of concepts.
    Compare information within or across data sets or texts
    Outline the steps to...
    Distinguish between ... and ...
    How is ... connected to ...?
    What changes to ... would you recommend?
    If circumstances ... were to change to ... what would you recommend doing differently?
    Generalize a pattern
    Retrieve information from a table, graph, or figure and use it to solve a problem requiring multiple steps
  • Models and Concepts covered in the Quiz
    5 Types of Change5 Approaches to Managing Change
    4 Main Reasons Change Management Efforts Fail
    16 Change Management Models from Business
    5 Change Management Models from Psychology
    6 Change Management Models from Computer Science

  • Catch-up on any assessments that have not yet been submitted

  • Continue to work on the Change Management Consultancy project