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TOPIC = Class-wide de-brief and discussion of Group Project, plus Check-in on Self-Relfection Paper (Final Exam)

  • Analyze and understand the forces for change
  • Assess organizational situations to determine if change is needed.
  • Distinguish between different types and terminologies of organization change.
  • Identify the nature and significance of various impediments to organizational change (e.g. organization inertia, resistance to change).
  • Demonstrate and apply change management models and concepts.
  • Explain organizational change processes from multiple role perspectives.
  • Appraise the effectiveness of change management efforts.

  • Required computer hardware and software

  • New list

  • New list

  • Class-wide de-brief and discussion of Group Project

  • Self-Reflection Paper

  • New list

  • Take 20 minutes to sit still and think about this paper. No distractions. Simply focus all your thoughts on what you want to say in this final assessment.

  • Memo #5 for Learning Journal = Answering Questions to Draft Your Paper
    One of the easiest ways to get a first draft of your final Self-Reflective Paper is to answer questions. 
  • The following example questions are from the following source:
    Bolton, G.E.J  (2014). Reflective practice: Writing and professional development, 4th edition. Oakland, CA: SAGE Publications. Ask 5 of these questions, responding to them in writing:
    WHY do you think you chose this incident?
    What is significant about it for you?
    How does this account relate to theory?
    Did your actions fit your theory or values?
    Who or what holds power?
    Is this any different from what you assumed?
    Could different interpretations be made, from yours?
    Is it puzzling?
    Try to work out what and why. Is it surprising?
    Or different from what you expected?
    What did you feel at different points?
    Why do you think you felt this way?
    Are contrasts within the story significant?
    Does officialese or jargon conceal anything?
    What is missed out, whose perspective for example?
    Are there assumptions or taken-for-granteds?