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TOPIC -- Employee Engagement in the major English-speaking economics (Canada, USA, UK, and Australia)

  • Identify and discuss variations within a range of international organizations in their approaches to strategic human resources management.
  • Determine the influence of internal organizational characteristics and external environmental forces on the chances of success or failure of the organization’s internationalization human resources strategy.
  • Assess the influence of a complex range of internal and external factors upon the success or failure of specific strategic initiatives related to internationalization or transnational business development from a human resources perspective.
  • Exhibit cultural understanding and sensitivity in discussions and decisions of human resources managers.

  • If presenting, slide deck and interactive activity
  • All of the required computer technology

  • Read the slide decks for the countries being presented today
  • Read the post by today's presenters where they list the three areas they will be highlighting.

  • WATCH = Films Media Group. (2015). Creating fulfilling relationships & great teams: Part 4—building great teams: the steps to make relationships workFilms On Demand.
    [17 minutes]
    - See eLearn for the link to the library-licensed streamed video

  • International Employee Relations Part #1 (worth 10%)- Introduction 
    - Canada 
    - USA 
    - UK 
    - Australia

  • Debrief discussion, reflecting on today's presentations:
    1. I used to think... (fill in the blank)
    2. But, now I think... (fill in the blank)

  • Read the slide decks for the countries being presented next week.  This'll help you prepare to be informed, engaged participants for your classmates' presentations.

  • Prepare Student-Led Workshops, which continue next week
    Remember, you only have 17 minutes total. 
    Have you posted your top 3 points yet to the Forum? That'll help you focus what you're going to highlight.
  • International Employee Relations Part #2 (worth 10%)
    - Italy
    - Germany
    - France
    - Denmark
    NOTE = For the groups with two presenters, each get 7.5 minutes to co-deliver the lecture for their country.  The interactive activity and Q&A time remains the same.