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TOPIC = The Coaching Culture

  • Identify and discuss variations within a range of international organizations in their approaches to strategic human resources management.
  • Determine the influence of internal organizational characteristics and external environmental forces on the chances of success or failure of the organization’s internationalization human resources strategy.
  • Assess the influence of a complex range of internal and external factors upon the success or failure of specific strategic initiatives related to internationalization or transnational business development from a human resources perspective.
  • Exhibit cultural understanding and sensitivity in discussions and decisions of human resources managers.

  • All the required computer technology for remote, synchronous classes
  • If presenting, slide deck and interactive activity

  • Read the slide decks for the countries being presented today
  • Read the post by today's presenters where they list the three areas they will be highlighting.

  • MS Teams proficiency check-in 
    - Settings (might require a quick restart of the platform)
    - Meeting notes (might need systems approval)
    - Any other troubleshooting needs?

  • International Employee Relations Part #2 -- Student-Led Workshops
    - Italy
    - Germany
    - France
    - Denmark

  • Activity = The Coaching Culture 
    Chapter 6: King Lion, or how to build an effective organization, pages 102-115Source: de Vries, K. & Manfred, F.R. (2016). Telling fairy tales in the boardroom: How to make sure your organization lives happily ever after. Palgrave.
  • Role-playing by doing Coaching Culture Test from the chapter
    True = Yes
    False = No
    Go to kahoot.it
  • The more you answered True (aka Yes), the more likely you are to work in a coaching organization.
    But, what if you answered False (aka No) a lot?
  • For those students for whom the organization is not coaching enough, what could faculty, staff, and administrators do?
    How could you as a business leader do that too?
  • Class time then to either discuss my Mid-Semester Check-In or to do it.  Student choice!
    The three questions are open-ended and the survey is entirely anonymous:
    1. What do you wish your instructors knew?
    2. What is helping you learn in this class?
    3. What is making learning difficult?

  • Class Closure and check-in with learning using Pear Deck
    Student choice because this is also an opportunity for students to see what options there are if they wanted to use this for any presentation.

  • Read the slide decks for the countries being presented today
  • Read the post by today's presenters where they list the three areas they will be highlighting.

  • Working on your contributions to the International Hiring Knowledge Base
    Please note that we will be doing a brief check-in and demo to one another during class next week.
    It's to your benefit to get the two shells built and some progress made!