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TOPIC = International Hiring Knowledge Base Workshop Part #1 -- Last class before presentations

  • Explore a range of theoretical perspectives on strategic human resources management and on the role played by internationalization within the overall strategic development of various business organizations.
  • Assess the influence of a complex range of internal and external factors upon the success or failure of specific strategic initiatives related to internationalization or transnational business development from a human resources perspective.
  • Exhibit cultural understanding and sensitivity in discussions and decisions of human resources managers.

  • All the required computer technology for remote, synchronous classes

  • WATCH = Slaves of the Cyberworld. (2010). Infobase. [54 minutes]

  • From watching the assigned video for homework, what are your thoughts about the ethics of international hiring practices and what it means for you professionally and academically?
  • Using PearDeck, "Write everything you remember from the homework."
    Go to joinpd.com

  • Source: Kaplan, D.M. (2018). Staffing the Club. In de Janasz, S.C. & Crossman, J. Teaching human resource management: An experiential approach. Edward Elgar Publishing. pg. 81-84
  • Through discussion, students are to identify and evaluate staffing options based on time frame.
    Should positions be short or long term?
    Should the decisions be based on a shortage or a surplus?
  • Two open-ended questions using Kahoot Go to kahoot.it 
    1. How would you handle the staffing problem presented in each of the scenarios?
    2. What, if anything, could have been done to limit or avoid these problems?

  • Problem = Imagine a natural disaster has hit and NGOs have arrived to take care of people and property.  These NGOs know that the fastest path to recovery is to hire local people to do the work, but the government website is down.  How can newly arrived international organizations legally and efficiently hire local people?
  • Solution = We are creating a Knowledge Base (i.e. a wiki) of how to legally and efficiently hire local people in countries around the world.  Each wiki page covers one country, describing how to legally and efficiently Hire, Recruit and Select, citizens.
  • Main Headings of each Wiki page:
    Introduction and overview of the country
    Recruitment practices 
    Selection practices
    Miscellaneous information
  • Benefits to the student
    - Nothing like this Knowledge Base exists in the world!  
    - Each year, this Knowledge Base (i.e. Wiki) will grow in size to the point that it becomes well-known, well-used to the international HRM community
    - After completing the two wiki pages, one Developed nation and one Developing, each student will be an expert on Hiring practices in these two countries
    - This assignment is both International & Comparative

  • For class closure, we are using an activity in Pear Deck
    "What do you wonder about today's topic/class?"

  • WATCH = Technical Writing: Reports (2 hrs 30 min)

  • Finish the Components of this Assessment
    - Developed nation -- Wiki page itself (10%)
    - Developed nation -- Presentation (5%)
    - Developing nation -- Wiki page (15%)