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TOPIC = International Hiring Knowledge Base Workshop Part #2 -- Presentations!!

  • Explore a range of theoretical perspectives on strategic human resources management and on the role played by internationalization within the overall strategic development of various business organizations.
  • Assess the influence of a complex range of internal and external factors upon the success or failure of specific strategic initiatives related to internationalization or transnational business development from a human resources perspective.
  • Exhibit cultural understanding and sensitivity in discussions and decisions of human resources managers.

  • All the required computer technology for remote, synchronous classes

  • Finish the two wiki pages (Developed and Developing Nations) and a presentation about the work.

  • Presentations maximum 10 minutes each
  • Reminder = We are creating a Knowledge Base (i.e. a wiki) of how to legally and efficiently hire local people in countries around the world.  Each wiki page covers one country, describing how to legally and efficiently Hire, Recruit and Select, citizens.

  • Lecture on Informational Interviewing for the next class with our Experiential Learning Event.
  • Minimum 5 pages total
    - Does not include title page and References page, of course
    - Minimum 3 peer-reviewed sources
    - Technical Report format using Harvard
  • Interview someone (or combine a few) from the Industry Day event organized by the Career Development Centre
  • Reflect on what they learned and what it means for you learning in this course.

  • Ensure students are signed-up and ready to take part in the virtual Industry Day event through the Career Development Centre.

  • WATCH = Informational Interviewing (49 min)
  • READ = Crosby, O. (2010). Informational Interviewing: Get the inside scoop on careers. Occupational Outlook Quarterly54(2), 22–29.
  • Develop a list of potential questions to use during the event, which will go as an Appendix to your report.

  • Prepare for the Industry Day event and the Informational Interview assignment