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TOPIC = Original Business Case on Ergonomics Part #1

  • Determine the influence of internal organizational characteristics and external environmental forces on the chances of success or failure of the organization’s internationalization human resources strategy.
  • Utilize a range of analytical tools and concepts to support the critical analysis of ‘best practices’ in international business practice.
  • Assess the influence of a complex range of internal and external factors upon the success or failure of specific strategic initiatives related to internationalization or transnational business development from a human resources perspective.
  • Apply the concepts and techniques of differing Multi-National Corporations’ (MNC) perspectives in order to critically analyze both quantitative and qualitative evidence on business case situations, generating and evaluating a range of strategic options
  • Debate appropriate strategies to solve cases within small and large groups, support arguments with appropriate analysis, and model listening skills appropriate to international human resources managers.

  • All the required computer technology for remote, synchronous classes

  • New list

  • Problem = A significant portion of workers worldwide are working remotely, either at home or at another location.  Occupational Health & Safety responsibilities have not ended, but instead have become much more challenging. As an organization responsible for the welfare of employees and students, what does CapU need to do to create safe at-home conditions and minimize injuries?
  • Questions
    How well has CapU planned for off-site health and safety?
    How can faculty be supported to incorporate occupational concerns into their synchronous teaching practice?
    What would an exemplary plan for CapU look like?
  • Group-created Original Case Study
    Each individual student needs to contribute at least 1,000 words of original content
    Each individual student needs to contribute 8 peer-reviewed sources and 3 sources of grey literature (e.g. Statistics Canada info, websites, news sources, etc.)

  • Source: Palmer, J. (2018). Performance Evaluation Exercise / Role Play. In de Janasz, S.C. & Crossman, J. Teaching human resource management: An experiential approach. Edward Elgar Publishing. pg. 144-148.

  • Memo #4 Reflective Learning Journal

  • READ = Sheen, R., & Gallo, A. (2015). HBR guide to building your business case. Harvard Business Review Press
  • READ = Naumes, W., & Naumes, M. J. (2012). The Art and Craft of Case Writing: Vol. 3rd ed. Routledge.

  • Memo #4 Reflective Learning Journal