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In post-secondary education, attendance is optional.

Yet, as multiple studies and anecdotal stories tell us, the students who attend the most, succeed the most. 

I see it as my role as educator to communicate to the students the value of each and every day in the classroom until they're ready to see for themselves the value in attending class regularly. 

After all, in writing academic papers we coach students to ask the question: "So, what?"  Should we not answer this question too for our class time?

  • I provide a clear and highly detailed Class Schedule so students know why they should come to class and how it’ll relate to the assignments.
  • Each year I am trying to provide greater detail than ever before on chapter and page numbers, so students know how to make-up for classes missed.
  • Recognizing that some students need a reason to attend class, I have planned for an in-class quiz every class in English 050 and almost once per week in English 090.