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TOPIC: Introduction to the Course and to Strategic Management

  • Integrate specific techniques and implement appropriate technologies to enhance analysis, collaboration and communication for topic/case facilitation and a strategic plan

  • eLearn course site
  • Slide deck from The Business Strategy Game
  • Tools required for remote teaching

  • Access the course site in eLearn

  • Me, on camera
  • Troubleshooting connectivity issues
  • Seek a volunteer from the group to monitor any students having connectivity issues, either needing admittance or questions in the chat, so I can focus on teaching.

  • Take this time to get up and move about, and especially to look away from your computer screen to protect your eye health.

  • I encourage you to think of this class as an opportunity to explore all your "What If?" questions you've had during your BBA journey.
  • The purpose of this course is to give you multiple experiential learning opportunities to practice using the tools, techniques, and models you've been learning for the business world. In both the simulation and your group's case facilitation, you get to see how things play out (so to speak).
  • As an active, experiential learning course, prepare yourself for a very high level of engagement. This also means that missing too many classes puts your marks at risk. My policy about due dates and extensions, while supportive of individual student success, can become an issue since your absence impacts the marks of others.
  • In their own ways, each Case Facilitation and each decision you make in the Simulation gives you an opportunity to practice at least one of the many theories, models, and frameworks of Strategic Management.
  • Slide Deck from The Business Strategy Game
  • Website for The Business Strategy Game https://www.bsg-online.com/
  • Strategic Management -- Applied Skills in this Course
    1. Theories = Ways of seeing
    2. Models = Ways of thinking
    3. Frameworks = Ways of communicating your seeing and thinking
  • Strategic Management Theories
    -The 7 Stages of strategic planning
    - Stakeholder Mapping Theory
    - Scenario Planning Theory
    - Organization Theory
    - McNamara Fallacy
    - Pareto Principle
  • Strategic Management Models
    - Basic principles of decision making
    - Using data in your decision making
    - Basic decision making models (e.g. Eisenhower, thinking outside the box, etc.)
    - Market decision making models (e.g. Product Life Cycle, Blue Ocean, etc.)
    - Organizational Threat Analysis (i.e. more than just SWOT and PESTLE; Unexploded Bomb Model, Black Swan Model, Black Box Model)
    - Financial Models (e.g Balanced Scorecard, Risk-Reward, Discounted cashflow (DCF))
    - Strategy Execution and Implementation (e.g. Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) Implementation Model; Tipping Point Leadership; Appreciative Inquiry Model, etc.)
  • Strategic Management Frameworks
    Used to take your analysis and Structure Your Thinking to Communicate it to Others 
    - Porter's Five Forces
    - Hambrick and Fredrickson’s Strategy Diamond - Treacy and Wiersema’s Value Disciplines
    - Ansoff Matrix
    - Boston Consulting Group's Growth-Share Matrix

  • Time to get up and move about. Good time to get something to eat or drink to bring your energy back up.

    1. Group of 3-4 for BSG
    2. Group of 5 for Case Facilitation
  • Questions after class? Post to the Community Forum in eLearn https://elearn.capu.ca/mod/forum/view.php?id=1702735
  • Questions now? Like each of you to send me a Chat message through Teams to me right now.
    It can be either a question or a fun GIF.
    Messaging me through Chat is the fastest way to communicate with me. It pops up on my personal cellphone like we're texting while keeps your number and my number private.

  • Review the course site, focusing on your ability to access all the resources and checking the schedule for any conflicts.
  • Read the Player's Guide from The Business Strategy Game
  • If possible, find your textbook and class materials from BADM 204, the strategy course you took in second year. The simulation we're using is the next level up, and so those resources will be useful for you in this course. It's important to remember that degrees are like a house of cards and you laid the foundation earlier to get to this part of building.

  • Buy access code and e-book of cases from the CapU Bookstore or directly from the publisher
  • Form groups of 3-4 for The Business Strategy Game and form companies