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TOPIC: Refresher on Strategy

  • Analyze and assess companies and industries using strategic management models, theory, frameworks, cases studies, financial analysis, and valuation methods

  • All that's required for online teaching
  • Logged into Kahoot and PearDeck for activities
  • Slide deck for lecture in both .pptx and .pdf formats
  • Excerpt mentioned below for the in-class discussion, approximately 1.5 pages (.pdf).

  • WATCH = Business Strategy. (2017). Video Education Australasia. [18 min]
  • WATCH = Gurley, G. Rumelt, R. (Director). (2012). Intelligent Strategy [Video file]. Kantola Productions.
  • WATCH =
    Gurley, G. Brown, T. (Director). (2005). Strategy by Design [Video file]. Kantola Productions.
  • Pre-Assessment #1 (2%)
  • Pre-Assessment #2 (2%)

  • Kahoot.it activity
    Three questions:
    1. Word cloud for words you associate with Strategy.2. Open-ended for when you use strategy IRL.3. Brainstorm for a real-world example -- for fun!

  • Take time to move about, stretch your legs, look away from the computer screen, and take a mental break from learning.

  • The slide deck for this lecture is available in both PDF and .pptx format in eLearn
  • KWL check-in post-lecture with PearDeck
    1. What I know
    2. What I want to know
    3. What I learned

  • Take a break from learning and go outside.

  • Spoken and text-based class discussion on strategic management in the context of a relatable topic.
    SOURCE: York, Kenneth M.. Applied Human Resource Management : Strategic Issues and Experiential Exercises, SAGE Publications, 2009. ProQuest Ebook Central,
  • Instructor reads aloud the 1.5 pages on SHARING SALARY INFORMATION AND ANTITRUST (pages 227-228).
  • All of the gasoline stations between your home and your work have prices within a few pennies of each other. Is this evidence of collusion in setting prices or effective competition?
  • Although there is some variability, most organizations pay benchmark jobs similarly. Is this evidence of collusion in setting wages or effective competition?
  • Should some organizations be exempt from antitrust laws in regard to setting wages?
  • If an organization has an open pay policy (information on specific pay levels for specific individuals is made publicly available) and competitors also saw this information, would this be an antitrust violation?

  • The Business Strategy Game
    1. You've all been emailed with your group members' email addresses, and you've completed now your first Practice Round
    2. Next, individually complete the Quiz #1 in BSG for 6% of your final grade
  • Large Group Case Facilitation
    - Two groups have formed and selected their cases (and dates)
    - The rest of the class have yet to do so, and it's a First Come, First Served basis
    - Maximum 5 members in a group
  • list item 3

  • PearDeck closing activity
    "Draw or type 2 things you learned today"

  • WATCH = Levitt, R. E. (2014). Executing your strategy : how to break it down and get it done. Kanopy Streaming. [53 min]

  • Simulation Quiz #1 (6%)
  • If not yet finished, Pre-Assessments #1 and #2 (both worth 2%)
  • Next PRACTICE round in The Business Strategy Game