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TOPIC = Acquiring, developing, and managing IS

  • Discuss business information system concepts, using the accepted technical terminology, and describe the related components, functions, structures, and procedures necessary for optimum operational and managerial results.
  • Examine business scenarios, identify the business users’ needs, design, and create data capture and storage solutions for these needs, analyze this data and report on which support and improve the efficiency and productivity levels of business operations.
  • Demonstrate social, problem-solving and teamwork techniques used to successfully analyze, develop, and implement information systems to meet business needs for information governance, ethics, privacy, security, and sustainability.

  • Slide decks, OER textbook, and computer

  • Complete and submit the group report for the Simulation

  • LECTURE = Chapter 10: Information Systems Development
  • Kahoot activity for Chapter 10

  • LECTURE = Chapter 12: The Ethical and Legal Implications of Information Systems
  • Kahoot activity for Chapter 12

  • Kahoot video and quiz about Pecha Kuchas

  • PearDeck activity on what other questions people may have about any of the homework

  • WATCH = Kill chain: The cyber war on America's elections (2020)Available for free from the CapU Library
  • CONSULT READ = Loth, A. (2019). Visual analytics with Tableau. Wiley. E-book in CapU Library
  • CONSULT READ = Milligan, J.N. (2015). Learning Tableau: Leverage the power of Tableau 9.0 to design rich data visualizations and build fully interactive dashboards. Packt Publishing. E-book in CapU Library