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TOPIC = Recapping the semester

  • All of the LOs for the course

  • Links to prepared Kahoot quizzes and eLearn site

  • Complete any missing assignments
  • Confirm you can access and use Tableau in preparation for the Final Exam

  • PearDeck warm-up activity to check in on everyone's social and emotional state since these have significant impact on learning.

  • Using the Kahoot activity to recap the major concepts of the course, we will regularly stop and debrief how the semester went.
  • Significant research shows that when students take time to reflect on their learning they are more likely to sink that knowledge into long-term memory.

  • In a 3-hour class, this is time for Health Break to rest eyes, re-fill drink, etc.
    In a twice-per-week 1.5 hour class, this is the interim break between class meetings.

  • Using the Part 2 activity for Kahoot, we will go over the textbook together.
  • We will regularly stop at specific questions for students to consult textbook to recall the major themes of each chapter. This is in preparation for the major concepts they will be expected to discuss in the Final Exam.

  • During this class, we will go over the recorded videos and instructions so everyone is clear about how they are to use their 3 hours for the final exam.

  • Re-read the textbook
  • Confirm you are able to use Tableau for the Final Exam

  • Complete any overdue assignments
  • Confirm that the date and time of the final exam is booked off in your calendar!