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TOPIC: Third-Party involvement: The role of Labour Ministries, Labour Relations boards, and other employment law tribunals

  • Differentiate between management, union and labour relations boards objectives, processes, and strategies.
  • Contrast the types of third-party assistance is available to both unions and management in completing contract negotiations and in the administration of the collective agreement

  • Resources related to academic research and writing, including APA citation tools.

  • From the Knowledge Network of BC, WATCHED Working People: A History of Labour in BC (2021)
  • READ for CONSULTATION = Mickleburgh, R. (2018). On the line : A history of the British Columbia labour movement. Harbour Publishing.
  • Declared chosen event for the Midterm: Infographic (15%)

  • TWO Kahoots to prime your brain for what we're going to cover today:
    1. Labour Relations Act
    2. Labour Relation Review

  • Lecture on the role of third parties in Labour Relations

  • Please take a chance to go for a walk and rest your eyes

  • Take a break, stretch your legs, go for a walk, get a new drink to stay focused and learning.

  • Lecture = Role government plays in labour market planning and management, especially through education and training
  • Useful resource
    Bob Barnetson. (2018). Canada’s Labour Market Training System. AU Press. Available as an e-book from the CapU Library

  • PearDeck closing activity
    1. What did you like?
    2. What was easy?
    3. What didn't you like?
    4. What was hard?

  • Take-Home Part of the Midterm: Infographic of a specific event in Labour Relations History (15%)