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  • Compare the key differences between union and non-union workplaces.
  • Differentiate between management, union and labour relations boards objectives, processes, and strategies.
  • Apply labour relations knowledge to current events.

  • "Trust the process"
    This expression is often repeated and shows up on many memes, but what does it actually mean?

  • 4+ Steps to do Something Exercise
    Using the whiteboard in Teams, pick a sticky note and get ready to write out how to do something in at least 4 steps. It could be how to tie your shoelaces, how to make tea, or how choose the perfect rose for a friend.
  • The goal of this exercise is to see how we naturally write out a process in steps, and this needs to then be reflected in your writing
  • As we look at each sticky note, how useful are the directions?
    Does it have the steps clearly laid out and contain enough of an explanation for others to successfully follow?
    Is the explanation clear, with well-chosen words and correct grammar?
    Is it long enough that it is a process and not just a yes/no activity?
  • Better Word Choice?
    Now, looking at all the sticky notes, let's look at the word choices. Without meaning to hurt anyone's feelings, the goal here is now to learn how revising the original directions improves individual word choices.
    For many native English speakers, we often don't know all the meanings of a word and need to double-check a dictionary
  • Next, see how the discussion of individual words improved everyone's understanding of specific words?
    This is also an important step in writing a process report. Readers need a glossary of the specific terms you're using to gain a greater understanding of what everything written means and how to follow the steps.
  • Finally, by examining individual words, we can see how the multi-lingualism of Canada, which is our strength as a country, can help us all become better writers.
    Seeing our writing through the eyes of someone who is ESL/ELL, helps us spot ways to further refine our process-style writing.

  • Rest your eyes. Get up and move around and look far away to help your eyes get their exercise, too.

  • Kahoot for WorkSafe BC as a focusing exercise
  • https://opentextbc.ca/principlesofeconomics/chapter/15-1-unions/
    Arguments for and against labor unions
    Reasons for the decline in union membership
  • How to prevent a union from forming?
    Employers that minimize employee dissatisfaction can also minimize employees’ desire for union representation. Strategies that help discourage union acceptance are:
    - Fair and consistent policies and practices.
    - Open door management policies.
    - Competitive pay and benefits.
    - Employee trust and recognition.
    -A workplace that fosters good relationships between management and employees and addresses employee concerns is much less likely to force employees to union representation for assistance.:
    Source: https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/tools-and-samples/hr-qa/pages/preventunionorganization.aspx
  • Union-busting strategies https://perfectunion.us/tag/union-busting/

  • The Middle manager in the middle
  • See the 3 e-books from the CapU Library listed below.

  • Again, move around for your eye and heart health.

  • Labour and Ownership/Leadership together? Yes, it's possible. Films Media Group. (1998). Management combines forces with unions-Northwest AirlinesFilms On Demand.

  • How do you plan to rest and recover?
    This is the point in this course where I think it's important to take a break and catch-up in other areas of your life.
    PearDeck "Please write a response" on how you plan to rest and recover in the next week or so.

  • OPTIONAL READ = Gordon Tinline, & Cary Cooper. (2016). The Outstanding Middle Manager : How to Be a Healthy, Happy, High-performing Mid-level Manager: Vol. 1st Edition. Kogan Page.
  • OPTIONAL READ = Haneberg, L. (2010). High-impact Middle Management : Solutions for Today’s Busy Public-sector Managers. American Society for Training & Development.
  • OPTIONAL READ = Williams, P. (2019). Middle managers as agents of collaboration.

  • Mental health break -- You've now received 30% of your final grade back. Use this weekend to take a break and recharge your batteries.