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TOPIC = Strategies

  • Compare the key differences between union and non-union workplaces.
  • Differentiate between management, union and labour relations boards objectives, processes, and strategies.

  • All the usual resources for the class, plus a template in Word Online for students to copy and use for their process reports

  • What can we learn from the CIA's "Simple Sabotage Field Manual" written in 1944?
  • Jones, J. (December 1, 2015). Read the CIA's Simple Sabotage Field Manual: A timeless guide to subverting any organization with "Purposeful Stupidity." Open Culture. https://www.openculture.com/2015/12/simple-sabotage-field-manual.html

  • Sometimes, learning happens by worrying about what could go wrong and then building out from there.
  • Game = Pre-Mortem
    Source =  Gray, D., Brown, S., & Macanufo, J. (2010). Gamestorming : a playbook for innovators, rulebreakers, and changemakers (1st ed.). O’Reilly. pg. 117- 118
    Available as a printed book in the CapU Library
  • This exercise suits the beginning of a project best. We start with asking a simple question, which can be phrased two ways:
    1. What will go wrong?
    2. How will this end in disaster?
  • Benefits to this approach include the following:
    - Reflect on your lived experiences
    - directly name risks
    - identify the "elephant in the room"
    - voice concerns
    - discuss problems before it's too late
  • Classroom discussion time!

  • Time to get up and stretch, go get a drink of water, and rest your eyes.

  • SOURCE: McGuire, S. Y., & McGuire, S. (2015). Teach Students How to Learn : Strategies You Can Incorporate Into Any Course to Improve Student Metacognition, Study Skills, and Motivation. Stylus Publishing. Available as an E-Book from the CapU Library
  • This assessment requires a specific kind of business communication style, called Technical Writing.
  • CONSULT = Carrie Marshall. (2018). Technical Writing for Business People. BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. Available as an ebook in the CapU Library

  • Time to get up, move around, and take a break, so you can can come back refreshed.

  • O’Neill, K. S., & Gravois, R. (2017). Using a Focus on Revision to Improve Students’ Writing Skills. Journal of Instructional Pedagogies19.
    "[W]e  strive  to  help  move  students  beyond  “fixing”  and  “completion”  mindsets  to  think  of  revision in  a  holistic  way.    That  is,  we  want  students  to  see  that  revision  is  about  making  the  work  better." pg. 3
    Three-Stage Writing Process 
    - Analyze/Compose/Evaluate - Plan/Draft/Review
    - Plan/Compose/Review
    - Plan/Write/Complete
  • Kahoot activity to gauge people's experiences and appreciation of the revising process.
  • Another approach is the Beat Sheet. Reminds me of organizing your paragraphs like a slide deck.
  • There are also digital tools, like the Hemingwayapp
  • Getting help from the Writing Centre at CapU
  • Getting help from the ELS Support Centre at CapU
  • Getting help from the Librarians at CapU

  • Any last questions?

  • CONSULT = Carrie Marshall. (2018). Technical Writing for Business People. BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. Available as an ebook in the CapU Library

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