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TOPIC = Managing well and the grievance process

  • Differentiate between management, union and labour relations boards objectives, processes, and strategies.
  • Interpret and apply Collective Agreement articles.
  • Identify the causes and predict the consequences of strike or lockout activity

  • All the tools needed to teach online, plus slide decks

  • Start work on the Cinematic paper
  • If they missed the last class, watch the assigned movie
  • Keep revising their Process Reports

  • Key takeaways from the movie last week?

  • All the theories, models, and frameworks!
  • Indigenous ways of managing
  • Recognizing the colonial structures in our traditional ways of managing

  • Time to get up, rest your eyes, get a drink, etc.

  • New book on CEO excellence based on data collected over 20 years on 7,800 CEOs from 3,500 public companies in 70 countries and across 24 industries.
    CEO Excellence: The Six Mindsets That Distinguish the Best Leaders from the Rest. https://www.mckinsey.com/featured-insights/mckinsey-on-books/ceo-excellence
    (27 minutes)

  • Time again to look away from the screens and rest your eyes

  • The Grievance Process

  • About the two classes for the In-Class Simulation
  • Mandatory Attendance – Absence may result in 0 on Peer Evaluation (10%)
  • Every time I've done this simulation before, the groups finished all the work during class time. We then only needed the last hour or so of the second day for the Active Negotiations.

    BUT, all of this relies on the majority of students (preferably everyone) having read all the materials in advance and prepared to be full and engaged participants.

  • If haven't yet seen it, watch the movie assigned for the course
  • Read all the materials in advance to be familiar and ready to engage!

  • Decide which side you want to be on for the Simulation