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  • Compare the Canadian and US strategic HRM responses to changes in the external business environment.
  • Demonstrate effective use of freely available e-HRM platforms, such as LinkedIn.
  • Differentiate between Human Resource Planning options available in both the US and Canada to balance employee deficits or surpluses.

  • Read Ch. 3
  • Read Ch. 4
  • Work on Assignment #1 - Global HRM with group members
  • Read assigned materials in Week 3 folder

  • Focus Activity - Quotation & Improvement Suggestion
    On the screen is a quotation about someone's experience with online applications. Think about how this is similar to your experiences of online applications for work or school. First, form groups of 4-5 and compare experiences to find one to use for this exercise.  Next, use the paper provided to outline one suggestion for improvement to the chosen online application. Then, we will re-group for each group to report back to the class.

  • Lecture = HR Online - branding and communication
  • Lecture - Ch. 3 = HRM and Technology
  • Lecture - Balancing employee deficits or surpluses
  • Activity - Job Analysis and National Occupational Classification (NOC)
    Scenario = Head Office has asked for reduction in staff in one department, but at the same time you are to hire new people to set-up a new department. Since the employees in danger of losing their jobs have all been trusted members of the local office, your Supervisor has proposed that you can be assigned the work of researching if any of them could be re-assigned to the new department. This plan has been approved by Head Office because it would also save the Employer severance money and the cost of hiring.
    Using the NOC, find a pair of Occupations with vastly different job titles, but have approximately 75% similar work duties and qualifications.
  • Lecture - Ch. 4 = Designing and Analyzing Jobs

  • Learning Consolidation & Check-in
    Activity: LinkedIn Activity
    Find a partner.  First, tell your partner one job on NOC that you would like to get upon graduation.  Next, silently examine each others' profile up on LinkedIn as if you were an HR Manager.  Then, with kindness, suggest to your partner ways they can improve their profile to maximize their chances of securing the preferred position.
  • Next Steps
    Reminder to let me know if you're in favour of keeping the same groups from Assignment #1 for the final assignment, New Employee Handbook.

  • Bondarouk, T.  (2011).  Chapter 1: Theoretical approaches to e-HRM implementations.  In Electronic HRM in Theory and Practice, Advanced Series in Management, 1-20.  DOI: 10.1108/S1877-6361(2011)0000008005
  • Joint Job Evaluation Committee.  (2011).  Joint Analysis Questionnaire.  Guelph, ON:  University of Guelph and CUPE Local 1334.  [NOTE: No need to print this document. Instead, it is there to give you an example of a Job Analysis tool.]
  • Marler, J.H. & Parry, E.  (2016).  Human resource management, strategic involvement and e-HRM technology.  The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 27(19): 2233-2253, DOI: 10.1080/09585192.2015.1091980
  • Simons, R.  (2005).  Designing high-performance jobs.  Harvard Business Review, July-August 2005.

  • Step #1 If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, please make sure to create an account before class.
  • Step #2 Also, before class, connect with me https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurieprangemartin/
  • Step #3 Share a brief story of using social media for seeking employment or assisting with a hiring process.
    - If you do not have a story, you can link to a story you have found online and write a brief synopsis for your classmates. 
    - The social media you discuss does not need to be limited to LinkedIn.
    - Please keep your stories work appropriate.
  • Step #4 (Optional)
    - If you are comfortable connecting with classmates (remember, this is not facebook), post your profile link and accept connections from your classmates.
    - Not sure how to customize your public profile URL?  Tipsheet here:  https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/87/customizing-your-public-profile-url?lang=en