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TOPIC: Managing HR processes effectively and toward strategic goals

  • Demonstrate effective communication in presentations.
  • Demonstrate effective written communication in assignments.
  • Demonstrate effective use of MS Suite programs in a variety of presentations.
  • Contrast and compare a variety of global approaches including sustainability to HRM.
  • Critique various strategic human resources methods used to facilitate a successful merger acquisition between a Canadian and a US firm.

  • Read Ch. 5
  • Prepare 10 minute presentation, slide deck (10 or less slides), and project report (4-6 pages double space, 12 font, etc. not including cover and References) for Assignment #1 - Global HRM
  • No extensions or late presentations are possible due to the nature of the class.  If a group chooses not to present, they receive an automatic zero (0) for the presentation marks; however, they can still chose to submit the documentation for partial marks.
  • On the day of the presentation, upload the slide deck and project report to Moodle.
  • Late submission of Assignment #1 documentation (slide deck and project report) accrues the following late mark deductions.
    - one (1) day late = 10% deduction
    - two (2) days late = 20% deduction
    - More than two (2) days late = Will not be accepted

  • N/A
    Students have requested that I begin the class with Group Presentations.

  • Group Presentations for Assignment #1 - Global HRM
    Evaluations will be both Peer and Group.  Business attire is strongly encouraged.
    Before all the presentations begin, hard copies of the assignment will be provided to the Instructor.  Within 24 hours of the presentation, the slides and report will be uploaded into the Moodle dropbox for this assignment.
  • Lecture - Ch. 5 = HR Planning
  • Lecture - Strategic HRM methods for successful mergers in Canada and US.

  • Learning Consolidation & Check-in
    Activity: - Non-graded quiz to practice for Midterm using https://www.zipgrade.com
    After a brief (~2 minute introduction), we will begin the non-graded quiz to give the class a chance to experience how I conduct Midterms.
  • Next Steps
    Reminder, we have the Midterm soon.  Let me know if you need tips and advice on studying!
    Next class, we will be doing an In-Class Activity that you will need your laptop to work on.  This In-Class Assignment is worth 5% of your Final Grade (half of your Participation mark). The two parts must be submitted within two days after class.